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Robert Mariner spent his early years living and working in various National Monuments and Parks, where he learned the value of peace and quiet, constant alertness, hard work, and good honest people. After college he has had a long and varied career in physical equipment design and integration, from military aerospace through scientific research to industrial equipment. He has won awards in competitions ranging from mechanical design through target shooting to photography; has flown light aircraft; and camped along portions of the John Muir trail. In keeping with his name, he’s also sailed on and off since his seventh birthday, from racing an 8-foot El Toro on San Francisco Bay to standing helm watch aboard a fast 116-foot ketch on the Pacific Ocean, and much in between, and has taught rowing, canoeing and sailing. Now semi-retired, he lives in California’s Mojave Desert with his wife and a 16-pound Bengal cat -- where one can walk outside on a moonless night to look up into a truly DARK sky full of distant lights.

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What do you read for pleasure?
That's evolved over time, as I imagine have most people's preferences. I've read all manner of fiction and fantasy, but a constant for the past 60-plus years has been science fiction, starting with Heinlein's "Red Planet." I've enjoyed observing how the technologies of the writers' visions of the future have evolved right along with our own developing tech, starting with Jules Verne's "Nautilus," then going through "Doc" Smith's "Skylark" and "Lensman" books, through to today's works by Eric Flint, John Ringo, and of course David Weber (does that man EVER sleep?) Now, if human nature would develop for the better at that rate - -
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I have a couple of tablets, plus a pocket comp from a few years ago. I don't want to get into advertising, so please don't ask me for brand names! I even use a recent model of cell phone as an e-reader. I think that for an e-reader, however, a tablet has the greatest potential - convenient size, good battery life, good contrast even in bright daylight, even color is getting quite good. I even have the "aliens" of my own works using them, as eventually they will become about as commonplace as our own #2 pencils.
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