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Dr Robert March, BS, ND has been working with students and clients for over 40 years assisting them to discover and manifest the gifts they desire to share with others in the world of vibrational healing and sound healing. As a teacher, mentor, and practitioner, Dr March has helped in the training of massage therapists, polarity practitioners, sound healers, reflexologists, naturopaths, and other practitioners in the world of complementary and integrative therapies. Using principals and practices from various healing modalities and spiritual traditions, and especially now, using two most powerful gifts of the Oneness Blessing, and the Magdalena Yeshua initiation, Robert has helped thousands of students and clients learn how to access and utilize their own inner healer and their own innate wisdom and divine Presence within. This has helped his clients and students to lead happier, healthier, more balanced lives themselves and has helped them to gain new skills and the confidence required to reach out and work with their own families, friends and clients on their personal journeys of healing and spiritual growth. A life of service to the reality of Oneness... the realization that we all come from One Source Consciousness... has been the motivating factor throughout all Robert's adult life. This realization began flowering in this life when he became a student of the Heart Chakra Master, Sri Chinmoy in 1970. Sri Chinmoy was an avid athlete and a believer in eating food high in life force or prana or subtle organizing energy fields. While his student for 8 years Robert began his study of complementary and integrative healing and he met the Nutrition Master, Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio, whose diet he has followed for 40 years. Robert shares that, "My Higher Sacred Self guided me to Santa Fe, New Mexico where I studied with the great pioneer of spiritual and natural healing, Dr Jay Victor Scherer and was initiated in Santa Fe into the Chisti Sufi Path of Love, Harmony and Beauty. This eventually led me to the Lotus Feet of the husband and wife team of Oneness Avatars where I became a practitioner of the Oneness Blessing and discovered that the greatest healing power available to humanity is the inner discovery of the power of consciousness to balance, heal, and lift the vibratory level of humanity into the reality of Oneness. This power and reality of Oneness… that we are all interconnected in the web of unconditional Love and divine intelligence (Light)… has been confirmed over and over again when Robert has worked with clients at a distance, outside the borders of time and space. Distance healing and distance Oneness Blessings work because we are ONE! I am eternally grateful for the help and guidance that has been gifted to me and to all those who would seek, knock, and ask at the ever flowering door of Grace."


Magdalena Yeshua
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 44,870. Language: English. Published: September 24, 2015 by ReadOnTime BV. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion and Spirituality » Spiritual awakening
The purpose of this book is to inspire and to help the reader connect with the Spirit of Guidance. The Spirit of Guidance will guide the reader in all aspects of their life, spiritual, relational, and financial. The book offers practical ways to deepen the readers connection to the most powerful guidance available on the planet, the ever-flowing grace of the Avatars and Prophets of God.

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