Roberto Quaglia


Roberto Quaglia hails from Genoa, from where Christopher Columbus also came, and from where he ran a bar for years, won prizes for photography, and became one of the few Surrealist city councillors in the world (that’s Quaglia; Columbus did something else). Admiration for Robert Sheckley caused Roberto to invite Robert to Italy, then drive him around Europe for several years in his big white Mercedes labelled, from which Roberto removed the wing mirrors so that he will always see into the future. Currently, he lives much of the year in Bucharest because he learned to speak Romanian, although he may also live in Moldova where people also speak Romanian.

Recently published by Newcon Press is Roberto’s collaboration with Ian Watson, The Beloved of My Beloved, a book of delirious tales, and now Immanion Press proudly presents Roberto’s hilarious double-novel about the misadventures of James Vagabond and the mysteries of reality and the universe, with a unique introduction by Robert Sheckley.

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