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  • Those Amazing Dogs: African River Adventure on May 28, 2011

    Pros: Fun. Great lessons. Very affordable. Sweet. Promotes working together and respecting nature. Love the illustrations Cons: Need more pictures! Some words intimidating. Feel bad on how tired those dogs must be. While my opinion is noteworthy, what is more important is that of my eight year old. She is normally not someone who has the attention span to listen to stories, but she listened intently to this story. I had to keep checking the bed to see if that was her. At one point I thought she was asleep and in her sleepiness she mumbled "Keeep Readingggg..." Her exact words were "I really like the story. The chimpanzee is my favorite. Molly is my favorite dog. She is the girl dog. And I like the hippo". She is interested enough now to go back and re-read the story herself. As a dad, I really liked the fact there was a sweet tone, and nice message woven in the story that drew great lessons to the reader. There was a subtle but not preachy message of working together, learning geography, respecting the environment, and being adventurous. We stopped during the reading several times to look up words, locations, and pictures on the iPad to help explain the story. That was a nice bonus. We quickly downloaded story 2 and are looking forward to more adventures by Max, Oddie, and Molly