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Roger R. Fernández
Latest book: Odyssey Resumed. Published November 9, 2010.

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  • See Night Run on Nov. 17, 2010

    In See Night Run, Dave ST. John poignantly relates a devastating problem of our modern society: the war on drugs. In the engaging dialogue of common folks, the author stimulates the reader to follow with amazement the increasingly intense impact of the often violent street life in the drug culture, and the fate of the undercover agent Night who becomes himself an unsuspected victim of that street environment. This novel is indeed a real thriller in the streets of Eugene, Oregon.
  • A Memory Unchained on Nov. 20, 2010

    Spiritually sustained by her faith in God and morally encouraged by her daughter Jill’s love and support, Pamela Thompson, protagonist of A Memory Unchained, manages to successfully pull through her adversities. A beautiful widow, she rises like a Phoenix from her recurring smoldering memories while visiting Paris where she is magnetized by love. It is indeed enriching to read a moving novel in which the main character relies on her faith and on her family as she revels in her past. The author intensively stimulates interest by keeping the reader wondering who will unbind her from her reminiscences of a delightful yesteryear. Very enjoyable reading!
  • Pacific Dream on Nov. 23, 2010

    Pacific Dream is a very pleasant, stimulating, enticing and thrilling adventurous narration of a well prepared 2000-mile walk from Mexico to the High Sierras and on to Canada. Though I found the beginning somewhat philosophically long, the author achieved for me what a good travel writer does: he successfully managed to take me as his companion throughout his long journey by reading his account with great interest and enjoyment. It is truly good writing that produces good read!
  • Odyssey To Opportunity on Nov. 23, 2010
    (no rating)
    Some time ago, Alfonso Morales, professor at Los Angeles City College reviewed this book. He wrote in part: “Written in the third person, Odyssey to Opportunity is an autobiographical story of a boy from a mountain village in northwestern Spain who becomes an educator in the United States of America. It recounts a rather unusual but wondrous odyssey sparked by a strong will to achieve and molded by the tragedies of history. The charming simplicity of its sincere and motivating tale makes of this book a second opportunity, so that the reader may assume life as beautiful… In engaging, candid, understated and, at times, lyrical style and prose, Fernández strings together forceful and stimulating memories of his episodic, adventurous and picaresque life. His anecdotal and pleasant narrative lays out observations and reminiscences that entertain and creates an atmosphere of global cultural learning. Thus, he offers the reader special insight into the various cultures with which he comes into contact in his travels throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas…” (review of free book)
  • Odyssey Fulfilled on Nov. 23, 2010
    (no rating)
    A few years ago, Alfonso Morales, professor at Los Angeles City College also reviewed this book. He wrote in part: Odyssey Fulfilled concludes Roger R. Fernández’ autobiographical trilogy. In this work, the author hurls once more a challenge to explore the planet… and… sketches once again a pleasant painting of each region he visits and presents the culture through the keen eye of an attentive and fascinated traveler… He also splashes his work with quotations from writers who have left written opinions on the art of traveling, creating a sort of universal time frame where the future appears to be defined by the past. In this context, he painfully contemplates with a deeply felt sense of patriotism how the Twin Towers of New York, once marvels of engineering and dexterity, became on that infamous day of September 11, 2001, mausoleums of perfidy and tombs of innocent victims of terrorism. In this new work, Fernández advises readers to elevate their sights. He considers traveling as an escape of enchantment as he shows relaxing in an undisturbed and sunny beach of Labadee in the Caribbean and his charming descriptions of the awe inspiring Sounds in New Zealand. For readers in love with nature and the desire to travel, Odyssey Fulfilled can very well be the enchanting book they are looking for. In it, they will perhaps appreciate the gift of evoking places, people and environments, from the idyllic pastoral calm of a fertile valley to the desolated panorama and the dreadful sounds of war. Nevertheless, an indescribable steam of charm and satisfaction seems to refresh and cheer the narration. But what thrills the reader’s fancy, above all, are the detailed accounts of the author’s trips throughout the world, which with enthusiasm and passion he takes delight in describing.
  • Odyssey Resumed on Nov. 23, 2010
    (no rating)
    Some five years ago, Alfonso Morales, professor at Los Angeles City College reviewed this book. He wrote in part: Odyssey Resumed is a sequel to Odyssey to Opportunity, the author’s initial run of his autobiographical trilogy. It constitutes a summary of experiences and personal life episodes, a journal of travels and a history of a cultural pilgrimage without the religious emphasis that such a concept might imply... Fernández’ life-long interest in culture continues to take him to extensive traveling back and forth to his native region and to other societies such as the Philippines, China, Alaska and Canada. The accounts of those trips exhibit a flow of historic, geographical, descriptive and pictorial details of the places he visits, as well as autobiographical sketches and contemplative and reflective analysis… In this book, the author never loses sight of his basic frenzy for traveling that from childhood captivated him and now in this narrative has become, not only some kind of historical and geographical tourism, but also a stable and persevering tourism of literature that includes some of his own poetry. He also reminds the reader of authors of other various and diverse cultures, some very far away, in order to initiate a simple conversation with literature. This way, the author tries to fulfill his double purpose to inform entertaining and to entertain informing. Ultimately, he tries to teach openness and inspires to provoke “a disposition to snatch a lesson from life”…”
  • Beyond My Odyssey on Nov. 23, 2010
    (no rating)
    On September 16, 2004, journalist Mariola Estrada published an article about this book in the cultural section of Bierzo 7, a Spanish weekly of Ponferrada, Spain. She wrote in part: “Fernández’ latest book, Beyond My Odyssey, deals with the great pleasure that is the art of traveling and how to enjoy the experience. It constitutes a note-book with general advice to benefit from one’s travels. At the same time, the author relates his learning in a cruise from Chile to Argentina as well as his experience in the Philippines, Singapore, Portugal and Northern Spain, and reflects upon the Iraq war and the March 11 Madrid massacre of 2004…” This book also narrates a trip to Yellowstone National Park, an important family celebration and a public recognition of the author by the city of Ponferrada, Spain. (
  • 1000 Historic Automobile Sites on Nov. 23, 2010

    Normally, this is not my type of reading material, but I was intrigued by the title… I wanted to know if some of the places I have visited around the world were included in the study. I found out that many were, though I did not visit them. I admire the author for the amount of time and effort he must have put into this work. It is really amazing the amount of detailed information that can be found in it. 100 Historic Automobile Sites is a remarkable and unique book indeed. Great for car lovers!
  • Paradise Lost on Nov. 27, 2010

    “Paradise Lost” brought me back to my days as a “foreign” student at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, where I discovered, appreciated and admired the courage of the Founding Fathers of this country who, braving untold sufferings, showed unyielding faith and fervent yearning for liberty. They valiantly strove to reap the truly rich harvest of a nation that was to live in freedom. Their true genius was to build for posterity a respectable and secure home for liberty under a capitalist economic system. I am concerned that the “Trojan Horses” of modern Socialism (that is already almost to say Communism), which the author so well describes will wind up dismantling the system that our forefathers built for us. They should, instead, take a pause in their “relentless” efforts to empower the evils of Socialism, read this book, reverse course and lead this country back to its original principles and ideals. Very well researched and written book!
  • Lyme Disease and the SS Elbrus on Nov. 29, 2010

    For people like me who lived a few months as a translator for Prensa Latina in Cuba the second half of the year 1960 under Castro, this book is a loud reminder of the necessity of constant “vigilance” in countries where governments grow too powerful and out of control as it happened in Germany under Hitler as well as in the Soviet Union and has been progressively happening in this country and, I fear, will reach full fruition if Obamacare is allowed to be installed. It is indeed refreshing that an author like Rachel Verdon dedicated so much time to research, investigate and then write this well documented work which sheds such defined light into the nefarious doings of those repressive regimes which she so well understands. I only hope that her book will be widely read and that our legislators will be very “vigilant” and fully protect the freedoms that we still enjoy, including the right to choose our healthcare.
  • Sons In The Shadow: Surviving the Family Busines As an SOB (Son of the Boss) Revised 2012 Edition on Nov. 29, 2010

    “Sons in the Shadow” is a wonderful book, written with a very daring sense of honesty. It embodies a genuine study of the family life of a dedicated businessman…, father-son relationship. I was also delighted to read about other relationships with businessmen such as Donald Trump. This book constitutes a fascinating, entertaining and compelling story of challenges, success and frustrations of a perceptive and compassionate man who can touch the reader’s heart when counseling his son that “God has given us a soul” and we must give back to God what we received from Him… Very moving and enjoyable read!
  • Whitewater Crossing: A Casey Jones Columbia River Adventure on Nov. 30, 2010

    “Whitewater Crossing” narrates a fast moving adventure in a very descriptive, and at times lyrical, language as a good and exciting travel writer should. Being a frequent traveler myself, I appreciated, for instance, the succinct caption of Mount Hood when the author records “…overlooking the gorge that separates Washington and Oregon… its peak, like a carnival small Snow cone, glistened pale rose in the rays of the rising sun…” For me, scenes like this make the read relaxing, delightful and enjoyable.
  • Liberal Betrayal of America and the Tea Party Firestorm on Nov. 30, 2010

    “Liberal Betrayal of America...” reminds me of the very long six months that I lived in Cuba at the end of the year 1960. The author, William Davis Eaton, writes: “The rebellion of the new liberalism, some now call it progressivism, began the 1960s riots against authority on hundreds of college campuses.” I still remember the appeal to all people in Cuba the Spanish Communist female leader “La Pasionaria” broadcast that year from Czechoslovakia: “We have already achieved Revolution in Cuba. Now we must do the same in the United States of America. The liberal press will help us in the endeavor”. In one of the government buildings in Havana there was a room from which “propaganda” materials were sent to most, if not all, colleges and universities in the USA. The aim was to end capitalism by the end of the decade or the beginning of the 70’s. I started teaching full time at Los Angeles City College in 1967 and witnessed in person that nefarious student revolt and thought that the “revolution” had indeed reached the United States. Fortunately it did not succeed, but the struggle towards that end still continues. Luckily for this country, the Tea Party was born and continues to spread its strong positive influence to derail the damaging effects of gains that Communist Socialism has so far attained in this still beautiful nation. This is a good book to make us aware of the dangers our country is facing for having stranded from our Founding Fathers ideals. For those who love this country, this book is an excellent and most informative read! Congratulation to the author!
  • The Principled Conservative in 21st Century America on Nov. 30, 2010

    In his book “The Principled Conservative in the 21st Century America”, Litch displays an array of solid conservative principles to analyze the important issues our country faces today: from Military Might and Foreign Affairs, to Tax Policy (flatter is the better), to Health Care, to Human Sexuality and Public Policy and many others. He rightly decries the nefarious effects that leftists, socialists, progressives (liberals) and jihadists are presently inflicting on this nation to destroy our traditional American way of life. He also maintains, rightly I think, that conservative principles and ideals “a la Reagan” provide the proper medicine to our societal malaise. Very illuminating and informative read!
  • Sisters Of Glass on Nov. 30, 2010

    As this masterly written novel of romance and futuristic images moves forward, the reader realizes that he has entered a real world of intensive conflict and exhausting action, a possible world where to escape to, though perhaps not to the 21st century streets of Los Angeles… “Sisters of Glass” is indeed a page turner, fun producing read!