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  • Eczema! Cure It! on March 25, 2011

    It has been my distinct pleasure to apply the principles and steps, as outlined in Dr. Rodney Ford's new book, Eczema Cure It! to my work with many of my clients and readers who experience eczema. All of these adult clients who tried this process have reported dramatic improvements in their eczema just from following Dr. Ford's steps. This very readable new book launched upon the ocean of eczema-driven despair may stem the tide of this suffering. One of my clients was so badly afflicted by eczema that when it was in full flare, he had to spend many hours each day and night immersed in the bathtub to reduce the pain he experienced. His damaged skin exposed large areas of unprotected flesh to the air. Anyone who has torn off a hangnail, exposing just a tiny patch of flesh, will have a small sense of the enormous and chronic pain this poor fellow endured. Although not yet completely recovered, he is so much improved, after less than a year, that he is now able to work at a job and support himself. Similarly, a professional golfer who was helping me with my golf swing, also found relief through following the steps outlined by Dr. Ford. This client was unable to get a decent night's sleep due to the constant itching of his eczema. He is now able to sleep the night through. These are just two of my many clients and readers who gratefully report dramatic relief from this very irritating condition. Ron Hoggan, Ed. D.