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  • One Size Fits All on May 15, 2011

    A quick read and a welcome addition to the multitude of Cinderella stories on the market. This is a story of a man who realizes through a chance meeting with a young woman with the world at her feet, that his mundane, repetitious everyday life caters to everything she wants to escape from. She hates him for it and isn't shy enough to tell him so. He is smitten and the chase is on. A fresh take from a male perspective, with engaging characters (the father must be played by Sean Connery in the movie!) and a fun story makes this well worth the uber low asking price.
  • Clearwater Dawn on July 12, 2011

    Clearwater Dawn looks to be a first novel by Scott Fitzgerald Gray, as a quick internet search shows some published works in fantasy gaming resource books and this full length novel. Epic Fantasy is a genre that has no end to selection for fans, but it is short on quality, particularly from those looking for new promising writers. Normally what I find from writers publishing their first novels of Epic Fantasy too often fall into the trap of trying to put too much "world" into the pages at the expense of story. They focus too much on showing they have a fantastic new world with intricate politics and multitude of races and creatures but forget to tell a story within that setting that is worth the readers time. Lucky, Clearwater Dawn is not like those other first time efforts. Scott Fitzgerald Gary's debut is as good a read as any in Fantasy that you will find anywhere. At the core a love story set within a story where little is as it seems - like many others - but what sets it apart is the depth of character which brings the reader deeper into the story. However, the reader is always aware from the small bits of information the author slowly reveals as this first story is told that it is clear that Scott Fitzgerald Gray has a world as complex and interesting as any in the Fantasy genre and I look forward to reading as many tales set within that world as he has to tell. This novel will not disappoint you; buy yourself a copy and you will be looking for more when you are done.