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Chi-Full ™ Center for Wellbeing and Health

We provide education and support for growing Awareness, to help people restore and maintain inner peace, balance and harmony in body-mind and spirit

Today's world is speeding up and forcing unnatural and unhealthy energies upon us.
Our Life force ('chi') is located in and outside our entire body-system and is the fuel for making us feel vital and healthy (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Stagnant 'Chi' in our bodies can cause illnesses, diseases and pain. It is important to take time to clear those up, so that energy can flow freely again.

Our Team supports and enables people to develop body-mind and spirit from a holistic and metaphysical perspective, which finds its origins in Eastern knowledge and is really suitable for this era as well.

However we are also moving beyond those when deepening consciousness into full Awareness starts to take place.

Whatever noble aims we may have, paths we may be on, or necessary efforts we may make, our only real freedom is to awaken now, this very instant, to the mystery and miracle of being, to the spacious Awareness that we are.

It is only this immediate awakening to the deepest levels of ourselves, to the conscious source that connects us all, that will enable us to experience and manifest real peace, balance, harmony, intelligence, kindness, love and compassion in our lives, and bring about the transformation in ourselves and in the world that we wish for.

Smashwords Interview

When did you start writing your first book?
In 2017 we started writing our first book. It was after a long period of studying and practicing different ancient teachings from the East and comparing them to the Western practices for wellbeing and health. Of course we had our own personal reasons for starting our inquiries into this subject, it was our own personal and individual journey and at a certain point everything seemed to make sense and become clear. Finally we decided to put our strengths together to share what we found with other people to help them shift their understanding and perception to get the best out of this life.
What do you want to share through your books?
We want to bring a different perception about life, to help people become more conscious about the things that are important to live a peaceful and joyful life in wellbeing and health. At Chi-Full we call that 'In Good Chi'. Our books are part of an education Center for Wellbeing and Health, where we present different topics for selfhelp and online-studies. People can join in at any stage of life and start at the subjects they are attracted to in this moment. They will find subjects concerning balance and harmony in body-mind-spirit, we have brought the teachings from the East together although we present a lot of information from Daoism. The reason for that is that we do not see Daoism as a religion, but a teaching with close connection to Nature and Cosmos itself. This does not put devotion onto another thing or person, but just works from the Universal Intelligence itself. It makes people conscious of their individual inner natural being, they gradually will become aware of being Awareness itself.
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