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Ronel is a brand-spanking new indie author. She loves creating fantastical worlds set in the future, the mythical, and the horrific. Translate: She writes science-fiction, fantasy and horror novels.

Her life story is not particularly fascinating, but her love of technology, PC games and writing is. Beside writing, she spends her time slaying rendered baddies in the form of robots, gangsters and aliens - with any weapon that happens to be at hand.

Ronel has published her first science-fiction book, Compile:Quest. She's currently hard at work creating the second book in the Corrupted SUN Script trilogy. When she's not writing, she's gaming, and when she's not gaming she's either sleeping or eating, as these are prerequisites for a continued life on planet Earth.

Smashwords Interview

What are your five favorite books, and why?
1) The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.
The world he creates is vast and fascinating. I could never make it through the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I've consumed all of Jordan's books in this series four times. His writing style is casual and engaging, making the corkscrew twists of his plot easy to follow.

2) The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.
Like Jordan, Pratchett brings to life a strange world, creating realistic character imbued with varied personalities that fill the pages with fantastic dialogue.

3) Mirror by Graham Masterton.
This book still haunts me. It contains all the elements for a good horror - suspense, gore and the best "I never saw it coming" apocalyptic ending. Just thinking about it makes me want to read it again.

4) Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
Towels will forever hold a deeper meaning in my life.

5) The Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
I still get random scenes from this book infiltrating my life on occasion. One of my earlier short stories was fan fiction based on one of the characters, and I think she still weaves her threads through some of my writing, despite my best intentions.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My science-fiction trilogy "Tainted SUN" began as a single scene in my head, spurred on by my interest in the changing world we're living in.

I'd like to think that my novel is a discussion on the possibilities afforded to our society by knowledge, experience and the evolution of our species... but who knows the mind of a reader? I can only hope that some aspects of the new society (despite their ominous overtones), will prompt readers to change how they think about our world, our governments, and our resources.
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