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  • Thresher (#7) on Oct. 16, 2012

    “All good things must come to an end.” ~Geoffrey Chaucer (1374) Well, I tried to prolong the inevitable… I really did not want to say ‘goodbye’ to these characters whose story was so graphically told… and yet, alas… C’est la vie! Farewell Cole, I loved you, the best—it’s the ‘leathers’ and the skull trim *shakes off the goose bumps*. Farewell Kier and Beau, I loved you two almost as much as Cole—they’re huge and oh, so protective. Farewell Andrew and Elias, you were extremely loyal protectors and friends. Farewell Aubree, you kicked a**! I absolutely love strong women. Holly and Rachel—see ya! I’m still a little bitter that they defied Cole and romped around town in the daylight; which contributed to their kidnapping and the compromise of their first coven home. They were warned. I’m just sayin’. LOL =:-). Tarrin and Lucia were compelling and fascinating additions to this saga. My immediate thoughts after flipping the final Kindle screen were somewhat selfish. I initially wished that we had more time with Tarrin in this part of the series, but in retrospect—it was perfect. He was intriguing, honorable, determined and ‘on a mission’ to find his woman. He had a ‘birds-eye-view of his role’ and a destiny to fulfill. That was all that we, the readers, really needed to know and it worked quite well. Con, Con, Con… I want to say so much about this beloved bad boy, but I won’t. I will say that I loved his fleeting, yet ambivalent thoughts and feelings of social normalcy. It was delightful and way too comical to see him attempt to turn a corner in his personal growth. I don’t believe we are seeing the last of our beloved coven (maybe that is wishful thinking, but I suspect we will see a few members at some point =:-). Either way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that possibility. I naturally hate saying goodbye in the real world and now find it hard to say goodbye to storytelling with vivid imagery and a group of characters that I’ve personally grown to cherish. That says something about the storyteller doesn’t it? Kudos to you, Ms. Eros, you’ve managed to create characters people ‘care about’ without benefit of full length novels. Overall, this final installment was a fitting end to The Druid Breeders series and inferred the creation of a possible new series. I personally can’t wait to see where Ms Eros will take us next, although it is guaranteed to be a fast-paced and dynamic journey. Ms. Eros, I am ready for my ‘interlude’ with the ocean… **in my Norma Desmond voice.**
  • Exotic (7.5) on Dec. 20, 2012

    Exotic (The Druid Breeders, #7.5) by Marata Eros What an awesome Christmas present! This short story begins where EMBER ended. Constantine, the consummate bad-boy, has wreaked havoc upon the Mer people, in more ways than one, and yet Constantine’s involvement and subsequent actions in this latest escapade appear to be warranted, and dare I say it—chivalrous! Obviously, the 'joke' here, is uttering 'Constantine and chivalrous' in the same sentence –the notion itself is oxymoronic. LOL! EXOTIC is not only the title of the latest installment of The Druid Breeders saga; but ‘Exotics’ are also special vampires of rare lineage. We meet again Tarrin and Lucia, who are assigned to track, apprehend and dispense punishment, if needed, to our beloved Constantine. Tarrin and Lucia are determined to find Con, albeit for different reasons; one has a sense of duty, and the other, an incredible sense of guilt. The majority of the story is told from Tarrin’s point-of-view with a bit of Constantine and Lucia’s internal dialogue sprinkled in the mix for added benefit and insight. This ensures the reader can easily follow the storyline. The Druid Breeders series is known for its erotically descriptive scenes and this short story is no different. EXOTIC unfolds with a vividly descriptive and expressive scene—just pure eroticism at its best! Although Constantine is not afforded an opportunity to have his ‘special brand of sex’, he does briefly reflect on the possibility—as only he could enjoy it. As I have said before—he is, who he is... and that is why I absolutely and unequivocally LOVE him! =;-) The reader also peeks into the lives of Tarrin and Lucia as we’ve never seen them. It’s comforting to see the ‘elusive search and connection’ Tarrin desperately sought in the previous books reciprocated by Lucia; the two Exotics appear to be a happy and loving couple. **Le sigh** This story also sets the tone and scene for Constantine’s upcoming book. Have I expressed how much I love Con? Yes. I do believe I have mentioned Con in every paragraph thus far (except the paragraph above), but then again, it is to be expected—this short story is all about him, as is the next book that is scheduled for release in January 2013, and I can’t wait! =;-) Don’t miss this FREE Christmas gift!