Roosevelt Scales


I agree that the best things in life are free – but also that nothing is truly free. Therefore, my desire is to promote the value of financial planning. Regardless of net worth or future aspirations, planning increases the likelihood of exchanging your opportunities into successes. It takes discipline, which isn't about denying yourself; it is about cultivating the ability to assert your will over the circumstances. Financial planning isn't just about wealth accumulation, home purchases and retirement – per se – it’s about financing your desires – whatever they may be. My experience is primarily in Corporate Accounting and Finance – but I value my life application skills the most. My passion is to help free people from the constraints they are subject to through questioning and evaluating everything in their lives – and ultimately developing a plan.

Personal financial accomplishment: My greatest joy is providing my two children the opportunity to have their mother available to raise and care for them without the necessity of her working.

Personal financial goal: Become debt free.

Roosevelt Scales holds an MBA in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems.

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