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  • Wetwire Visionaries: Part One- The Human Technology on Nov. 28, 2011

    This is part one of a series. I am not sure how many more parts there are, but this first one is enough of a taste for the appetite to be whet. Some interesting questions are considered and left dangling, drawing the reader in for a closer look. While brief in its length, it effectively sets up the story. I enjoyed the character development and its subtle, effective method of instilling an empathy for the clones. There is a sense that the two main characters will continue to be on opposing sides of power, but somehow come together. I could be very wrong. It is an interesting thought, anyway, to be continued. Both Adam and L-42869 share some connection that promises to be more deeply explored. The prose is fluid, not too far above this average reader but engaging enough to keep me interested from page to page. Take for instance this dance between two characters: '"Yes, she is," Jim said reflexively, without even thinking about the trap that his own words could set for him. He saw it in Caroline's face, though, like a little pinch between the eyes, without her even saying anything... "Okay," she said, and her withdrawing from argument was in it's own way an attack.' And this declaration by another: "I do what I do because it's right. It's right and everyone knows it. Sometimes people have to be reminded to do what they know is just. That's all." There was a force to the words, the force of conviction that surprised them both in the moment. He hadn't heard her speak on such moral terms before. His heart broke a little more." Or this short punch of a line: "He knew the time alone was slowly suffocating her, and by extension, their marriage." Then, there's this blunt telling: "The doctor speaking to her had a bedside manner, for sure. Calm and soothing voice. A kind face. What did that mean in the grip of this? Nothing." It is not difficult to understand why I enjoyed the writing and the story line. I look forward to reading more.