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Writer, mad cake lady, re-enactor, 17th century historian.
Been slightly potty about the clankier side of Ironside for around 20 years, and lists amongst my heroes in this unworthy world Sir Thomas Fairfax, Elizabeth Cromwell and John Webster (for his sense of humour.)

When not purveying historically-accurate cake to various re-enactment groups across the country, M.J. Logue can usually be discovered practising in her garden with a cavalry backsword.

Often to be found loitering, in an ill-tempered manner, at uncivilwars.blogspot.com - do pop along and pass unhelpful remarks!

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was just about to say, it didn't, and then....

I grew up in Lancashire, I lived in Stalybridge, a declining mill town on the edge of the Peak National Park, for several years. There's Babbitt for you, right off. Lancashire boy, straight off of the moors, fierce temper and ungovernable rebel.

I read too much revenge tragedy as part of my degree course, and I write bad poetry, and I like horses.

I guess the thing that really influences the Babbitt books is my love of history (childhood spent exploring old houses and a fascination with the past) but more than that they're about families and friendships and love and how if you're brought up odd and lonely and different you come out.... skewed. Funny that two of my central characters are damaged Puritan lads, both abused in their different ways - Hollie Babbitt physically, Thankful Russell emotionally - who both want to belong and wouldn't know where to start. Russell's a self-destructive bipolar alcoholic, and Babbitt has PTSD. Both absolute sweethearts, but messed up by people who were supposed to love them but made a damnable bad fist of showing it.

Autobiographical? Couldn't possibly comment, old son.
Describe your desk
Well..... sometimes, I'm afraid, my desk is an A4 spiral bound notebook and a fountain pen, propped up on my knees on the train between Truro and Plymouth. And sometimes it's a laptop that's been chewed on and played with so often by Aubrey the 14lb tom cat that most of the Up/Down keys are missing, and I'm sitting up in bed typing into the witching hour.

Mostly my workspace is the space between my ears. I do most of my writing there, and then I come back and put it onto a page later on, when I have the liberty, and when it's all plotted out.
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A young mercenary soldier in the Thirty Years' War finds his own Christmas miracle

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