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My “real life” name is Anne Bishop. As Anne, I am the author of seven non-fiction books, including one that has been published in five countries. The fact that I share my name with at least two other published non-fiction authors gives rise to occasional questions, but has not been a problem. When I decided to experiment with writing fantasy fiction, however, my name became an issue. As many readers of fantasy will know, Anne Bishop is a well known American fantasy writer with thirteen novels to her credit, including the well-known Black Jewels Trilogy. She has also copyrighted her/our name. For the past two years, I have been attending readings and taking part in discussion about fiction writing in Second Life, a user-created virtual world where my name is Rowan Starsmith. So, when I decided to put my experimental fantasy novel out there for others to share, I took Rowan Starsmith as my nom-de-plume.

As Anne, I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. In summer, my partner and I raise vegetables, fruit, chickens and sheep. In winter, I write and edit. In 2016, I won the Nova Scotia Writers' Federation's H.R. (Bill) Percy Prize for an unpublished adult novel. Under the Bridge will be published in the spring of 2019l. All year I spin and knit yarn and operate an online wool shop.

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