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  • Dawn of the Hunter - Book Two on Nov. 26, 2012

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Just when I thought this series couldn't get any better, in walks Howie Evil *wicked grin* Damn, if anyone could make a crude, foul-mouthed, human hating demon so delectable, it's Bonnie Bernard! I was a little disappointed that Hunter was scarce from the beginning of the book, but thank goodness Howie was there to fill the "sexy as hell" gap and for some reason, every time Howie made an appearance in this book, I pictured Joe Manganiello! Now I know some people may look at Howie to be a disgusting, underworld demon who loves to beat the crap out of stupid humans, but there were definitely times when I wished I was Cassie, or even poor Donna! I wouldn't mind getting to know Mr Evil a whole lot better, especially after a few drinks *wicked, wicked grin*. But Howie isn't only sexy, he is funny. I loved his quick witted remarks and comebacks. For all his faults, there was just nothing to dislike about him! Okay, enought about Howie *sigh* Evil, and back to my review :) The second book in The Midnight Hunter trilogy upped the ante in so many ways and it was another exciting ride alongside the much loved character from book one. Donna is forced to team up with Howie *sigh* Evil in order to save her daughter from Stephen and this sets off a whole bunch of events that could mean the end of the world as we know it. A war looms between the forces of darkness, one that will tip the scales of Order and Choas. It is up to Cassie, the bullheaded human, who blabbed about her Underworld prophecy discovery all over her blog, to give the answers. Only Cassie is anything but a willing participant in the whole mess. Hunter is still as alluring as in the first book but he tends to be a little too overprotective. Although he has Donna's best interests at heart his stubborness pushes her into even more dangerous situations. I really love how real their relationship is. They have all these real emotions that come with loving someone with all your heart and soul. There was jealousy, on both ends, fear of losing your soulmate, they got angry at each other and Donna even went as far as telling little white lies just to find the breathing space she needed. On the flip side there were some really warm and fuzzy moments. Moments that were just so perfect that the love between them was palpable. There are many exciting twists in the plot - from Jacqelina, to Howie's true "dual-sided" nature, and to top it all off, the heart breaking surprise delivered to Donna and Hunter regarding Lucinda's soul. There are also some fantastic fight scenes in this book as well. For all their differences, it was great to see Human, Vampire and Demon alike, stand together when it was most needed to fight for what was right. This book is filled to the brim with action, love and sexy, underworld men. I've lost my heart to these amazing characters, and I'm over the moon excited to read book three.
  • Midnight Hunter Book One in the Midnight Hunter Trilogy on Nov. 26, 2012

    Wow!! I was absolutely blown away by this book! It's going to be very difficult for me to write this review without giving away a few spoilers, but I'll try my best. From page one it was clear that something wasn't quite right in the town of West Windington, but what ensued was so far from what I'd been expecting and it was amazing! Strangers in blue Toyotas stalking college girls, scary guys in black Broncos killing people, kidnapping, evil minion cops, Vampires and other Underworld characters, soul selling and eternal love. Yup, this book delivers all of this and so much more. The characters were exciting, each in their own way and so well defined that I almost expected them to walk right off the page and into my life! It would have made my year if the delicious, Hunter, had! *sigh* Donna is one lucky girl! I loved how the multitude of personalities played off each other, even those with hate/hate relationships. I particularly enjoyed Mo, she's a bit crazy but with good intentions. She constantly proved what a great friend she was, even going so far as nearly staking her best friend's boyfriend. Although the idea of "reincarnation" and eternal love is something I've read about before, the story behind Donna and Hunter's love was unique. Their relationship heated up pretty quickly but it was clear why it was so easy for them to connect, or should that be reconnect? I especially loved the explination Hunter gave Donna about how he re-awakens. It was an awww moment for me and it made their love all the more special. Their relationship felt real and it certainly wasn't one of perfection. It was great to see a female MC stand up for herself against the "man" she loves. She fought back when his anger flared (please don't take that the wrong way, Hunter never abused Donna!!) and never once allowed him to control her, even if it resulted in a brush with death. This book also had plenty of terrifying characters and situations to balance the romance. Stephen, the evil brother out for revenge. He was wicked through and through and his hate drove him to wreak havoc. He was merciless and determined for history to repeat itself. Although he didn't feature prominently in the book, there was always the sense that he was lurking in the shadows ready to pounce! So there you have it. Again, let me say WOW!! This book could have easily become predictable or just another Vampire story, but it wasn't. Bonnie Bernard is an amazingly talented writer, and I am delighted to be diving straight into book 2 of this series. The ending held so much excitement and promise for what's to come and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for all involved!