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  • T is for Tomato on Feb. 12, 2013

    For anyone interested in the history of tomatoes, T for Tomatoes by John Chase tells a fascinating history of how tomatoes were taken from the Americas to Europe and how they got to America. But if you are interested in the healing qualities of tomatoes and the diseases that they can prevent, this book tells you that too. If you are interested in growing tomatoes in a garden to sell in a market, this book tells you how to select the seeds, and how to grow the different species. It also tells you what specie grows best in what conditions and how to protect your plants from diseases. You will also learn how to grow tomatoes indoor. It tells you when and how to reap your crop of tomatoes and how to store them. When there is excess that you can’t sell, it tells you how to preserve your tomatoes. Do you know that this book also tells you about tomato salads? Get this book . It is cheap at the price. You will certainly get value for money.