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  • Braided Lives 3 on April 20, 2021

    Throughly enjoyed the latest installment of Division P. Totally entertaining and not long enough. I want to know what is next.
  • Lightning Strikes on July 09, 2021
    (no rating)
    As always Bianca D’Arc does not disappoint. Enjoyed this book very much
  • Lightning Strikes on July 09, 2021

    As always Bianca D’Arc does not disappoint. Enjoyed this book very much
  • Snow Dragon on Oct. 12, 2021

    I love it. Luc and Lilly, the new Dragon Knight Universe. I don’t want to wait for the next book.
  • Gatekeeper on Dec. 25, 2021

    Once again Bianca d’Arc has written a engaging book that is hard to put down until finished. I can’t wait until the next book is out
  • Heal the Healer on April 22, 2022

    I loved this addition to The Gifts of the Ancient series.
  • Waterborn on June 28, 2022

    Once again a book that leads you further in to Bianca D’Arc’s world of shifters and Others. The first of three books that is the end of the leviathan (we hope) was entertaining, and leads you wanting more.
  • Fathom on Aug. 09, 2022

    The second Morrow brother is tired, almost broken as he heads to Grizzly Cove to fight the Leviathan. The only complaint is … the story is not long enough. Bianca D’Arc hit another one out of the park.
  • Dance of the Dryad on Dec. 20, 2022

    Ok, sleep has not been my priority, obviously. (4am on release day) Can I say I love the cover? I know I have seen it posted, but it is really stunning. I really stared at it before reading the book. Oh the book. Well developed, revisits a favored plot line very nicely. Actually more than one. And the bonus epilogue. Nice. A really nice touch.
  • Night of the Nymph on Jan. 18, 2023

    The second book in the Wildwood series. Enjoyable. I loved the building relationship of Marco and Crystal. The book is definitely a credit to Bianca d’Arc.