Ruby Lord


I started writing in 2008 when I was diagnosed with a long term illness. I realised at that time I wasn't going to be able to work for very much longer in the 9 to 5 types of jobs I had done for the past 25 years. In 2010 I finished working as my eyesight was failing and fatigue was more or less most of my day. In 2013 I self published my first book, The Seed Farm. It took so long because ill health, self-doubt and obstinate procrastination would always put themselves before me. Today I am writing my third book and have enjoyed the past year more than anything else I have ever achieved. Is it easy? No. Is it rewarding? Definitely yes, what I get out of writing is an opportunity to continually stretch my imagination but most importantly it helps to keep the grey matter working, something that I wish to continue doing for as long as possible.

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