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Writer, photographer, mother, wife. Finds inspiration in landscapes and experiences, especially near home in Pennsylvania.

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  • The Ball Washer on March 28, 2013

    So you like to read old Vonnegut? Watch Scrubs reruns? Enjoy irreverent, off-kilter humor that has an equal chance of being offensive or moving? One of the things I like best about this writer is his fresh, witty, thought provoking, sometimes offensive, sometimes touching take on life. Even as he claims to be a liar/storyteller, what he writes is very real and human. He manages to pull out thoughts that lurk in the dark/private recesses of our psyches and treat them with wit, self-deprecation, and heart. He says the point of his writing is to be a catalyst for people to think weirder. With a delicious improvisational, conversational style, he points out regular-joe inanities as well as fantastical possibilities. Based on the fact there’s a stunted adolescent in each of us, he utilizes vulgarity as a tool similar to George Carlin, with intelligence to back it up. Mainstream he’s not, but an audience he should have, in the same way Tom Robbins, Douglas Adams, and Kurt Vonnegut garnered attention: with wild words written well. If you're looking to laugh out loud, cringe inwardly, or think weird thoughts, this book will help with all of the above. Intelligent potty-humor alongside heartfelt sentiments make this collection a must-read. Check out his blog and other books too and you will not be disappointed. Check out Manion's fresh yet slightly odd take on both everyday and imaginary situations. You may laugh or cringe or both but you will not be disappointed. Check out his blog and other books too.
  • Homo Sayswhaticus on May 19, 2013

    I am rarely moved to laugh out loud when reading, but this did it… when I wasn’t laughing I was scratching my head and wondering how disturbed this guy is and thankful for it at the same time. This is certainly a must read heading into summer… scathingly witty, morbidly funny, dysfunctionally poignant. Take a break from scrolling through bad jokes, inane videos- face it, you spend your time watching YouTube clips and posting pet pics. Do something better for yourself and check this out!