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Kriss Perras currently owns the independent story development company Ruptured Media


Kriss Perras directed and produced the music video Come Inside, starring rock musician David Reeves, from the original punk band Radiochild. Also starring in Come Inside is Paul Roessler, from the famous punk band The Screamers. Actress Kathy Christopherson also starred in the Come Inside music video. The music video was shot in iconic Topanga, California and was executive produced by Dorothy Reik. Perras began her career in film as a Casting Assistant on the feature film Easy (2003), directed by Jane Weinstock and nominated for a Grand Jury Prize at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. She later worked as Continuity Supervisor for the AFI film A Through M (2006), at the Directing Workshop for Women, and on Lime Salted Love, a 2006 independent film starring and produced by Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) and on Matthew 26:17 (2005), a film directed by Shannon W. Rawls.


Kriss Perras' photography aired on the Artists Showcase on CMTV channel 14 in Spokane, Washington.

Her photography book is Sandpoint Review: A Photographic Journey


Malibu Arts Journal

Kriss Perras was the publisher and editor of Malibu Arts Journal. The mag was not a print publication but rather an entirely digital magazine and was one of the first full digital 3D page turning technology magazines published by Barnes and Noble. Her interviews range from a Q&A with Arman's widow, Corice Canton Arman, her husband being the influential figure in the art movement known as Nouveau Réalisme, Malibu's own and the legendary Grace Slick of the powerhouse rock band Jefferson Airplane, Gerald Casale from the trendsetting band DEVO, Billy Zoom and Exene Cervenka of the quintessential Los Angeles punk band X, world renowned and groundbreaking photographer Glen Wexler, Marcus Jansen, the pioneer of the groundbreaking art movement Urban Expressionism, the iconic photographer Lyndie Benson, Pulitzer nominated photographer Jeff Widener, Los Angeles photography sensation Alex Prager, The School of Rock (the real one in Santa Monica, now called Rock Nation), and local legends like Malibu powerhouse rock band 27 Miles and Hollywood writing guru Chris Vogler. Malibu Arts Journal was represented by Dick Guttman of the well-known PR Firm Guttman Associates.

PCH Press

Kriss Perras was the publisher and editor of PCH Press, Malibu’s daily newspaper. Her interviews included A-list film stars Ed Asner, Dick Van Dyke, Pierce Bronson, Ted Danson, Danny Stern and Téa Leoni, among others, and Progressive thinker David Swanson and his now well-known blog, She interviewed Susan Jordan of the Coastal Advocates environmental organization, and Malibu Mayors Ken Kearsley, Andy Stern, Pamela Conley Ulich, Sharon Barovsky and Jeff Jennings. She covered local heated issues such as the No LNG movement that galvanized the City of Malibu.

Early Journalism Career

Kriss Perras covered George W. Bush and Forbes in the 2000 Iowa caucuses and primary election. She had early success with a 2002 interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the National Security Adviser to former President Carter.


Kriss Perras is a 2002 member of the prestigious American National Honor Society Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges

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