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I was born in England and emigrated to the United States in my early 20′s to live with my sister in Texas. I got married, gained a BA in English at the University of Texas and began work as an English teacher. In 1975 I gave birth to my only daughter and soon after we moved to Hawaii, Oahu. In 1979 while raising my daughter, getting a Masters' degree and enjoying the wonders of a tropical island, I was unhappy and unsettled, so my friend took me to a meditation center where I received Shaktipat from a great Indian guru, and my life immediately began to transform.

From a Yuppie wife and mother, I became a mystic able to heal people by intention, able to spin in the air, and understand a thousand things simultaneously while comprehending great secrets of the universe. Because of the disruption this created for my family, I have been researching the phenomena of Kundalini Awakening since 1993. After 20 years, I am satisfied that I have explained for myself what happened to me in those months in 1979 and 1980.

It is my hope this discovery and my relentless research gives my reader some understanding of just how amazing each human being is and can be. This mystery of Kundalini Awakening has been kept hidden from the general public in the West for thousands of years, but it is time now for the veils to be removed. More and more people are waking up as the codes of our DNA are activated. It is time for this book to reveal what is the greatest GOOD NEWS for humanity.

Ruth Angela lives in the San Francisco area and is available for talks on the topic of Kundalini Awakening.

Smashwords Interview

Since this book took you 20 years to complete, what kept you going?
I can only say that it was a constant itch, or inner urging that would not go away. I also found when I had a vacation even for a few days, I would sit at my computer with my library around me and just get lost in the creative clouds for hours. I would seem to leave my body and float into a creative world. When I would get up and go out, the elevator in my building would not work when I stepped into it. I had to use the stairs. After I came 'down' from the creative cloud, then the elevator would work again. I also had a web site which answered questions and helped people with Kundalini problems, so I knew the audience for this book was desperately waiting for it.
What is your writing process?
I read a lot. When I would find something relevant to what I had experienced in 1979, I would integrate it right away into the chapter. I would use the 'Find' feature in MS. Word to find that section of my book and immediately put in the quote, paraphrase and then add it to the Bibliography. I could not keep up a regular writing schedule, as I was a single parent and had a full time job. However, as a college instructor I had 4 month vacations a year, (one at Christmas and three in summer), so during this time I would get most of the writing done. One year, 2000, I went to an Ashram in California for a month and wrote about two chapters during that time. Several times I revised it completely. I would meet people that inspired me and I would then see them as my audience and decide that I needed to cut certain sections or add more.
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The Guru's Gift: A Kundalini Awakening
Price: $6.00 USD. Words: 81,970. Language: English. Published: February 9, 2014 . Categories: Nonfiction » Inspiration » Spiritual inspiration, Nonfiction » Psychology » Movements / transpersonal
A dramatic spiritual awakening in 1979 sent Ruth on a 30-year quest to find answers to this mysterious transformation. Although this is a natural stage of biological evolution, few people in the West knew of it. Ruth asked, Why has this wonderful news of our god-like abilities been hidden? Why do we wallow in depression, when this blissful realm, our true nature, is found within everyone?