Smashwords book reviews by S211n3

  • Invisible on Aug. 18, 2014

    Invisible is the first installment in The Aerling Series and it is an awesome series. Once you read Invisible you can't wait to read Intangible. Mason is invisible and he is not imaginary. Only Olivia is able to see him. They met when both were five years old. Olivia found Mason sitting on her porch crying (feels sad for him, I can picture his sad adorable face). She takes him in and asks her parents, they approve obviously thinking he is imaginary. But after some incidents they accepts him with open arms. A new girl Robin stumbles upon them and introduces herself to both of them, yes both of them. She can see Mason, which leave both of them stunned. Mason is happy someone besides his family can see him. On other hand Olivia is not ready to believe the new girl. They both want answers, but they were not prepared to dive head first into the world of Aerlings, Caretakers, Escorts and dangerous Sentinels who are now after Mason for his life. Sentinel attacks, searching for answers which are hard to find with Mason having nightmares which could be true, their world is turned is upside down. The story is great, I'm glad I stumbled upon it and fell, don't worry not hurt. If you haven't read, you are missing out. A great, awesome, intriguing, thrilling and a must read.
  • Soul Stone on Sep. 10, 2014

    I loooooved it!!!! I'm in love with this series even more after reading Twin Souls. The thrill, suspense and anticipation got doubled in this book. I had goosebumps after the scene when Arra wss spying on Sibel from stall at her reflection and it stays there even after Sibel moves and her reflection glances at Arra. That gave me chills. I was connected to all the characters in the story and could feel their emotions. In this part Arra's dad is shown the worry wort when in Escaping Fate her mother was always worrying after her. Then I was torn for her deciding between Bas and Tanner, darn that is hard. So, going to look forward to know who she will choose. The last battle and defeating Etain, the scene was awesome and was totally praying for Etain's defeat and the last twist; I didn't saw that coming. This definitely is a must read!
  • Escaping Fate on Sep. 10, 2014

    Wow! I'm really speechless. First I was weary at first and stalled reading Escaping Fate, I don't remember why now but I want smack myself into a wall right next to me for delaying it so long. It was there on my kindle(and it is free if you haven't noticed) and I just thought to read it anyways, I love Author DelSheree Gladden's books and I knew I would not be disappointed. So, I started reading and in first few chapters it totally got me hooked and I was looking forward to read it one sitting if not for sleeping and my college. Her dream spooked me, as I started reading kinda midnight,but not in a bad way. You will like it, I was enjoying the thrill and anticipation to find out more and hoping she comes out unscathed from the curse. The description were vivid, I was able to feel her fear, her emotions. When I couldn't read due to my college I thought, how the story is going to unfold. Arrabella first came out bratty but to think from her point of view I would have been same, but as story proceeded, I could see her strength and to sacrifice herself to remove the lifelong curse, that's great. Her Grandfather is a hero. He is awesome. The story had suspense, mystery and sweet romance between Arrabella and Tanner. This is awesome and it don't end on cliffhanger, I was so dreading it with when I was in the last step of the book and didn't wanted to finish it already. I was craving for more even before it ended. Going to start Soul Stone. Yay!! This story is a must read!
  • Intangible on Oct. 21, 2014

    * I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. * Intangible is the second installment in Aerling series, Invisible being the first. The plot starts after where the first book ended. The story line just sucked me in. Many things about Aerlings got revealed, many questions from first book got answered. The book is a whorl wind of emotions. I felt every emotion of characters. The love between Mason and Olivia and their love for their family and friends. The intent of going to extreme for the safety of each other. The emotions were so raw that I could not escape it. Then the thrill, the danger, scared of the unknown whether they could make to Aerling world intact or they will fail. The question about who to trust. The twists and turn, when some questions got answered, that raise a whole new set of others. Mason and Olivia are the best. Evie is just awesome, her being outspoken just adds humor to the story. Adding the lie detector and the master thief Molly to the story is just adorable and because of her it showed other side of Mason of being protective older brother, and he found a piece of his real family. Then Hayden no one would have thought of him being an Escort and him helping Olivia and his feelings for her and his selflessness made him a hero. I knew there was something fishy about Robin but I would have never thought of her as a traitor, and in the end change of view of Montogmery family. Despite the the danger of Sentinels and their attacks, Mason's learning the abilities in order to return to his world in small time and Olivia to learn her abilities of Escort which seemed impossible but they overcame it by entering the Aerling world but that is another start of their journey to save both worlds. It is just start of their adventure. The book is just great. I don't have words for it, I am speechless. When I completed the book I just sat there and stared at the monitor for almost fifteen minutes trying to control the thrill and emotions of the story. Great story!!! Loved it.
  • Secret of Betrayal on Oct. 21, 2014

    *I received the copy in exchange of an honest review.* I don't want so much well because I have finished reading Darkening Chaos. I just couldn't post my review as my net was not working, it's good I wrote down what I felt. I will post the same thing. Darn! it ended :( but I don't mind *evil grin* I've third book to devour. When I first read Inquest, after completing I zoomed to Smashwords to read first 20% of the book which after being through 3 chaps I realized it was third book. For that I stalled reading the Trilogy, till I forgot details. So I started now book two is out of the way and on book three. I just can't put in words, and scared and excited about book three, it will end and afraid to let it go. I don't want to dislike Milo and want Libby with him but Branden is that awesome, with whole things to find out and the chaos and anticipation, the prophecy and decision to choose between Braden and Milo it's a whole roller coaster ride. The betrayal, I'd never have guessed it would be him and I don't feel betrayed with Libby. Beauty in aftermath of Destruction. This line just stuck with me and I believe in it too. It's definitely a must read
  • Darkening Chaos on Oct. 21, 2014

    * I received copy in exchange of honest review. * I'm sad it ended, I'm so not ready to give it up and let them go. It's 5 in the morning, it' okay it's Sunday, I know I'll have book hangover in every sense physically and emotionally. This whole series was emotional roller coaster for me. Every secrets getting revealed purposes and it coming to an end. It was perfect and I love how it ended all lose end tying up. Knowing what will happen with characters from outside and being happy you already guessed. I was happy enjoyed the whole adventure being on edge and scared if your fav and most connected character dies. *Spoiler* That happens, darn it I knows he betrayed and joined opposite side but I connected with him in first part and didn't much like him in second and disliked what he did in this part, but that doesn't mean I wanted him dead. It was really difficult to Love or Hate him, but I love him even being a little vindictive. When I read what Milo was doing and he died, I stopped reading and cried and sobbed and am now too just thinking. The emotional stall on me. She chose Branden I love him, I was going to choose him in the last book only, he is awesome!!!! It ended perfectly and hope really really hope there is story about Libby and Branden's child. I'm not giving away whether the baby is girl or boy, you have to find that out. It's absolutely a definitely a must read Trilogy. I highly recommend it. I will read this Trilogy again and again but I want time, but it's re-read Trilogy.
  • Inquest on March 15, 2015

    Wow it's that only I feel. The story end just left me wanting more. The story is so unpredictable, I couldn't even assume what is going to happen. When I thought I know what will happen just then another twist. It totally got me hooked. I was up till 1 in the morning, the story from middle got so intriguing that I couldn't stop from finishing it. I totally loved Inquest, I am looking forward to read the series. DelSheree you are awesome your other books that I read are also just great. I am going to read all your other stories, I just can't get enough of your writing.:) ****************************************************************************************************** Well I finished reading Inquest, well again. And I love it even more, it's just awesome.This is my second time reading review and it contain's spoiler but not that will give away the plot. It's been months when I first read it. Now it's different as I know what will happen but I really enjoyed it. I disliked Lance even though I know he will come back to Libby but I can't help it, well it's not as strong as I read first time but I enjoyed and love Milo, lol as at first was suspicious of his intentions, but this time I knew so I loved his shrugging behavior as I can picture him. Now also I'm saying it's a definitely read.