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Don't you wish you could have a lightsaber? And force powers - definitely force powers. Someone cuts in front of you in line - force choke. Take that line-cutter. Oh, wait - how about spider powers? Shooting web lines and clinging to walls. What do you mean I can't get in here, just watch me. And, hey you, Mr. line-cutter - phwip, phwip - get out of the way.

OK, so we can't have those. At least to the best of my knowledge. What's the next best thing? Creating worlds and stories to do whatever you want. I guess I'll have to settle for that and hopefully you'd like to come along for the ride.

Keep an eye out for more stories - kids changing their hair color at will, great beasts appearing from a flash of light, a living vampire that may be your next door neighbor, and more. How much more? Guess it depends on what you like.

For now, I have to visit another world ... wish I could tell you which one at the moment. :)

Smashwords Interview

What are you working on next?
At the moment, I am working on several Martin & James stories. These will be compiled into a collection when complete and will have a longer novella also. After that, I have a team of heroes that I will be writing about. Superheroes? Kind of. I will be releasing some origin stories after the Martin & James stories, but you might be able to get one early with a Martin & James story. :)
Who are your favorite authors?
I have several, as most of us do. Michael Crichton has been one of my top authors, I've read every book he wrote. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite books. I love the blend of (at the time) science theories and fiction. I've read Stephen King since I was 10 and read most of his and a few several times. The Shining is one of my all-time favorite books. I also am big on the Dragonlance Chronicles, though I haven't read a lot of stuff that has come out since the mid-90's.
Recently I discovered Jeff Strand and love his humor-horror. Michael J. Sullivan is another recent read that I enjoy.
And, lucky me, I know Ian Douglas and love his books. Military sci-fi would not have been a genre I thought I would enjoy, but his writing is so good.
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