I am currently residing in Mumbai, India. “When life starts playing” is my first fiction work. My interests are as multifarious and diverse as his several academic degrees. Born and brought up in a middle-class family in a Bihar. I pursued his schooling from an English medium ST. Xavier & Bishop Westcott (Ranchi).Later I completed my B.TECH in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from Bangalore University. I also specialize in catalogue/newsletter/brochure designing and video editing. I held a number of varied jobs in the past in different cities of India with renowned firms. Currently, I am working with RELIANCE JIO INFOCOMM LTD, MUMBAI, India as a Senior Executive (Premier Relationship Manager). He loves travelling, photography and nature. I play cricket and chess. I am a tea addict. His passion is riding & writing. I am an optimistic person.
Diary writing from School life makes me write a Book. I never imagined. From School life to Engineering and then Management College. I was an active member of Cultural events, Seminars, Workshops & Sports and contributed my presence. The idea to write grew just inside College Canteen during my Management course, when one of my juniors said to first try to write about yourself. Then every day became a story.
I ended up with a first draft manuscript, which was almost 1,90,000 words. It has now been edited down to approximately 82,000 words or around 350-pages. It took time and great effort before I could say those words out loud. It took more than three years to finish my first novel. I would like to tell you that the hardest part is getting started, and that is once you are past that hurdle, the rest is easy. I opted to self-publish and chose Educreation Publishers to bring my dream to fruition. I plan on publishing two novels, RAREST OF THE RARE (Non-Fiction) and Exceptionally SHE (Fiction), in 2018 as well. It took several re-writes before I was happy to share with a Publication house. After a few months of editing, I cannot wait to see them in print. The challenge has been to practice the art of patience. To understand that things will happen in their time and that the result is always worth the wait. I myself drafted the blurb after deleting many times and it took almost three months just to write some 10 lines for back cover text. I try my best, did what all I could have done to show the picture of growing characters, the conversation made between characters, knitted each line cautiously, emotions at their full bloom handled with care. My habit of Diary writing helped me a lot at least to put the real conversations. We see around us and observe things in daily life but sometimes we speak.

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
As an Author, I believe, we’re often conveying (sometimes deliberately, sometimes not) more than the words on the page seem to mean. I believe we write that’s understood by readers, even when they’re unaware of what they comprehend. I feel confident and satisfied while writing. I feel the things which were going in my mind during my official working hours or travelling I just put it down on a paper. It makes me feel happy.
Imagination is a beautiful thing. Once you have written a story, once you have delved deeper into the minds of people than reality allows you to, it's almost impossible not to be fascinated by it, and want to do it again.
The joys of writing as I have discovered. I find that writing helps purge my everyday, mundane worries, and puts things into perspective.
Writing takes you on breathtaking adventures, the like of which reality's limitations don't allow you to experience. The possibilities are endless. While you may not be able to experience those in reality, there's the next best way. Write about them, and feel them, almost like they were happening to you.
You can experience the character growth that separation creates. You can feel the trauma of having your spouse cheat. You can experience the passing away of your old pet dog. You can feel the biting cold of winter, as you are lying naked on a pavement with a hungry stomach. How are you ever going to know about any of these things, if not by writing about those who are in such situations?
You can take other people into your painstakingly created fantasies. You can have them feel for your world and the people in it. When somebody tells you how they were moved by your story, you can feel your heart swelling in happiness. Somebody actually cared enough to buy the ticket to the rollercoaster journey in your mind, and they loved it. There is no limit to how many people you can allow seeing your world and the people who populate it.
You can create memories of fictional people that will last a lifetime... memories that are sometimes stronger than those you know in reality.
What are you working on next?
I am working on Non-fiction based on the theme "Violence against women".
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