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  • Martial Arts: A Biblical Perspective on May 18, 2012

    Please note that I am reviewing this book as a non-Christian martial artist. I purchased it because I was aware that some Christians have reservations about pursuing certain martial arts and I wanted to learn more about why. I have to say I found the book very disturbing and full of superstition. The author is clearly a very extreme Christian with a very literal interpretation of the bible. He portrays any martial artist who follows an internal art such as Tai Chi as an evil individual summoning demons into his body through controlled breathing exercises! What a load of nonsense. I was so disturbed by the image of Christianity painted by this book that I wrote a blog post about it to ask for the views of Christian martial artists on the subject. They were all equally alarmed by the teachings in this book and did not agree with any of it. You can read this blog post and the comments received by clicking here: Unless you share the authors very extreme literal views you will not like this book.