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Smashwords book reviews by Emma Baker

  • The Keeping on Oct. 29, 2010

    This book was well written in some ways, but the author spent too much time on extraneous stuff that seemed to serve no purpose in developing the story. At first I kept expecting something to happen, because lots of times in stories when there is a lull in the action, it means something exciting is going to happen, but it didn't. Another problem I had with the story is that the hero had little appeal. He pretty much seemed like an unfeeling sort of person. He kept thinking about killing the heroine every day (to protect his pack) right up until the end, and this detracted greatly from the romance. It annoyed me that the heroine could fall in love with him, after he blew so hot and cold no matter his excuses. Even if he hadn't been contemplating her death, he kept thinking he could never get hitched up with a human besides which he never wanted to care about a woman that much anyway. I just don't like this sort of 'hero'. I also didn't like it that the author killed off a likable secondary character, (unless she's going to come back as a vampire in a later book.) The introduction of a new character late in the story detracted from the main story. It would have been better to introduce her early in the story or only in the epilogue. I see that lots of other people really liked this story, and I think I would enjoy the author's writing if she cut out stuff that just slows the pace of the story without really contributing anything and if she made her heroes more likable. There were some places in the story where it would have been more effective if the reader was given other points of view besides the heroine's such as the hero's provided he wasn't thinking of murdering her. The thing is I was enjoying the story quite a bit at first and was really disappointed when it bogged down in the things I've tried to describe. It just sort leaves you hanging and you want closure. So, since the author asked for reveiws that's what I did.
  • Ghost Of A Chance on Oct. 31, 2010

    I guess this book just wasn't my cup of tea. I skimmed through quite a bit of it. There were a few things that I liked about it. The main guy character did have some depth. The main female character, Natalie, was okay except I got tired of how rude and sometimes uncaring she acted. One thing that aggravated me was that the character of the ghost never seemed to serve a function in the story. He has several scenes at the beginning, but just drops off the page pretty much after that. So, what was the point in having him in the story? One reason I skimmed to the end is that I wanted to find out what happened to him. Well, nothing particular happened except he just faded away. Actually he seemed to be the most interesting character in the book. Yet he served no real function in the story; nor did he have his own secondary story. It seemed strange that Natalie's main reaction to a ghost in her house is how inconvenient and bothersome it is. It never occurs to her to think that seeing and talking to a real ghost means that there is some kind of life after death, and that therefore her parents who died perhaps are together somewhere and happy. You'd think she'd have a great deal to ask this ghost. Instead she just dismisses him, because she thinks he's no use to her. The poor ghost hadn't been able to talk to anyone in almost a hundred years. You'd think she'd have some sympathy for the guy. I guess if the author had left the ghost out of the story, I would say that the story would have been pretty good if you like that sort of low key romantic light drama, barring the fact that the main female character was overly bitchy.