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Samuel Edward Konkin III (1947-2004) was a vanguard movement theorist and hard-core activist since the historic split between libertarians and conservatives at the 1969 YAF convention in St. Louis. In the subsequent three and a half decades, he served as editor and publisher of the longest-lived libertarian publication, beginning as Laissez-Faire! (1970), then as New Libertarian Notes (1971-75), New Libertarian Weekly (1975-77, the longest-running libertarian weekly), and New Libertarian (1978-1990).

Known to his friends as SEK3, Mr. Konkin graduated cum laude from the University of Alberta, serving as head of the Young Social Credit League there. He received his Masters in Theoretical Chemistry at New York University, but left NYU without submitting his PhD dissertation in Quantum Mechanics to pursue his lifelong efforts to promote Counter-Economics and Agorism. He founded the New Libertarian Alliance, the Movement of the Libertarian Left, and served as Executive Director of the outreach think-tank The Agorist Institute, which promulgated the principles of agorism and counter-economics.

He coined the following terms and concepts, many of which have turned up in Newsweek, the works of Hedrick Smith, and all libertarian publications: Counter-Economics, agorism, minarchy, partyarchy, anti-principles, Left Libertarianism, anarchozionism, “Browne-out,” red market, Kochtopus, and more. He has influenced the works of authors such as J. Neil Schulman (Alongside Night) and Victor Koman (Kings of the High Frontier), who both had their first professional fiction sales in the pages of his publications.

Mr. Konkin was guest of honor at science-fiction conventions and libertarian gatherings and was a seasoned world traveler. His last completed book, An Agorist Primer, was published in hardcover in 2008 by KoPubCo. Counter-Economics, his unfinished magnum opus, is now available in e-book form, also from KoPubCo.

Mr. Konkin died February 23, 2004.

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Counter-Economics: From the Back Alleys to the Stars
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 45,420. Language: English. Published: November 3, 2018 by KoPubCo Publishing Division of the Triplanetary Corporation. Categories: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Economics / theory, Nonfiction » Politics & Current Affairs » Activism
Counter-Economics was intended to be the magnum opus of Samuel Edward Konkin III -- the creator, premier activist, and theoretician of Agorism. Planned as the distillation of all his work and research over 15 years of libertarian/anarchist activism, Konkin died in 2004 without finishing the book. This edition includes the first six chapters and outline for the other twelve.

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