Serge Smith


The author has made a successful career as a lawyer. However, over a period of time, he realized that this was not the only thing he could and wanted to do in life. After much soul-searching, he came to the conclusion that he needed a new mode of expression, one capable of adequately portraying his innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as his personal life experiences. Part of this search is reflected in his book. Spell on me is his first foray into the world of literary fiction. Like the character in the book, the author tries to be sincere and honest with the reader, but first of all with himself. Always, the overriding theme is a quest for what can be called the ultimate meaning or essence of life.

In his late thirties, the author lives in northern Europe, is married, and is the father to a small son. He counts among his interests reading classical philosophy, attending Aikido classes, studying Xi Gong and playing the piano.


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