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  • The Immodest Collection Volume 2: Stories of Exposure and Shame on Dec. 08, 2019

    Unlike most Erotica writers, J.C Parker knows that erotic themes work better with interesting characters. These stories invest in their characters, exploring their innermost feelings, making their humiliation and embarrassment more enjoyable. My favourite story is The Suit where we are introduced to an uptight heroine Amanda Shepard. Parker peels off her suit, her pride and judgmental ideas layer by layer. We are presented with a second protagonist The Mistress which takes this story a notch higher. The establishment heroine Riot who embodies all the moral superiority and the rebel Mistress who has none of Riot's uptight morals and pride but proves to be the better crime fighter. Her mere existence gets under Amanda's skin and exposes her hypocrisy and the real person underneath all the high standing morals. It's rare for an Erotica to explores such ideas and themes with so much craft and skill. Excellent piece of work.