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  • Symphony of Blood, A Hank Mondale Supernatural Case on Dec. 21, 2011

    From the description I was given, this book should have been great. Unfortunately it wasn’t. Trust me, I don’t say this lightly. If I hadn’t been reading this for review purposes, I probably wouldn’t have finished the book. It showed great promise, but just didn’t deliver. Maybe because I’m a girl, but I struggled with Hank’s first person narrative. There was a lot we didn’t know and never found out – why did he had a drink problem? Why didn’t he make it as a copper? What are the “felonies” that blotted his copy book? When I finally got to grips with the narrative, the book jumps from Hank’s point of view to “It’s” point of view, the creature that has been literally sucking the life out of innocent people. It was a good idea, but it just didn’t work and ended up being a bit repetitive. I think maybe the author was trying to fit too many ideas into one story. The idea of some sort of supernatural being that can take on the outward appearance of any human it chooses running riot and killing people should have been enough, but that is coupled with a murderous Father and Daughter team – Thomas and Mackenzie Blake who use the creature to do their dirty work and it all became pretty irritating. Hank gets caught up in whole thing as Thomas hires him to protect his daughter from “someone” trying to kill her, but it turns out that Blake knows exactly what’s after her since he’s already fed his business partner to the creature and Mackenzie has offed her so-called best friend and boyfriend for screwing around behind her back. The missing gardener? That was just practice. It all seems like a completely pointless exercise. Then there’s the ending. After being on the run from the creature since it’s pissed at Mackenzie for killing it’s chameleon friend (I know), the creature catches up with them, tries to kill everyone, but doesn’t. The cops turn up and arrest the Blakes, the creature walks into the sea and Hank gets off Scot-free because he’s friends with a cop. It ends with him having dinner at his mum’s contemplating his close call. What a waste of time. Yawn The lack of character depth meant I actually didn’t care what happened to anyone, least of all Hank. I found the story pretty boring to be honest. I wasn’t nearly scared enough of the “creature” despite worrying about it before I started reading and I didn’t buy into the story as much as I should have done. I am really sorry to have to write such a bad review, but I just didn’t like the book at all. Unless someone can convince me that despite the fact that this one was a complete donkey, Pepper’s other books are absolute diamonds, I wont be bothering with any of his others. Sorry. Just not my bag.