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I am Virginia Williams the granddaughter of Patrick John "Stanley McShane" Rose who published these books posthumously: "Cocos Island Treasure", "Sons of the Sea", and "Lucky Joe". I added "Hot Air Promotions" this year. He wrote many manuscripts, short stories, and poems and left me detailed instructions regarding their submission. The first three books are loosely based on his 30 years experience at sea including his being shanghied out of San Francisco on a whaler (Lucky Joe). Patrick John Rose was born on board his father’s ship, the Marguerite, off the coast of New York on January 29, 1872. Patrick professed to be a “sailor, prospector, miner, cowpoke, and oil worker.” He published one book during his lifetime (Bitter River Ranch in 1936 through Phoenix Press) and wrote many others as well as painted numerous illustrations for his manuscripts—many of schooners—one of which purportedly hung in the White House. Patrick John “Stanley McShane” Rose died in August, 1959, in Long Beach, California, in the state and near the ocean he loved at 87 years of age. I published his works under the name of Rose Point Publishing and can be contacted through the blog or at Thank you for taking the time to read about us!

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"Lucky Joe"
Book trailer for "Lucky Joe" describes stowing away on the Elginshire in England to go to America. Shanghaied off the streets of San Francisco, however, is quite what he expected. Will he ever get to go gold mining in the Sierra's?


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