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S.R. lives in Central Texas with her husband, daughters and an array of pets: Three dogs, two cats and one very loud Blue and Gold Macaw.

The Scinegue series was designed to be a fun, enjoyable story that can be shared by the whole family and at the same time provide some real social issues for deeper thought. The fantastic pre-readers ranged in ages from 14 - 70 and so far, everyone has thoroughly enjoyed Scinegue and The Pledge. The Forest is still in the works so there's no feedback on that yet, but hopefully it will be as well received!

Writing and reading are two of S.R.'s favorite past times along with researching natural health and sustainable living. The natural health and sustainable living aspects show up throughout her writing, although usually in very creative ways. (Many 'artistic liberties' with the healing aspects can be found in The Pledge--what else can you do when you run into possessed doctors and nurses, and demonic toxins?)

S.R. also enjoys spending time with her wonderful family--kayaking is one of their favorite activities.

Book three in the Scinegue Series, The Forest, is scheduled to be released Spring 2014!

Smashwords Interview

What do you read for pleasure?
I'll read just about anything but I prefer fiction with a happy ending.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
So far word-of-mouth has been my most effective marketing technique. I have some great fans who enjoy the combined aspects of my books (from Sci-Fy/Fantasy to current events and natural health) and tell others about them.
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