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I am a father of two and have been married for 34 years. Writing stories and creating helps with daily stress.

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Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,860. Language: English. Published: November 10, 2011. Categories: Fiction » Holiday » Family
These five short stories were caught by The Dream Catcher and are entertaining. A christmas story about a homeless vet. A remembering of lost ones from the vietnam era. A drunken dragon causing some problems and an end for one man. A special thanks to Gretchen Steen for the cover work.

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  • St Viper's School For Super Villains. The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery. on Aug. 19, 2012

    I've had the pleasure to read this book and highly encourage parents to read to their kids or let the little ones read for themselves. The main characters are believable and the pages turn as you read. A simple structure of story telling lets the reader enjoy the action. School is always rough when you are new but Kim's story telling places you in the action. To think that they have schools for super villains and they go through the same experiences as all new kids do, but with a twist of being super villains.
  • Cedric the Demonic Knight on Jan. 28, 2017

    Cedric the Demonic Knight (The Cedric Series) (Volume 1) an interesting read, with characters that I never knew before. Yes, the characters are interesting and the story has a voice/flow that informs the reader. My personal favorite is the flaming horse. The opening draws you in and the story unfolds as the pages turn. The Orm is one interesting beast that I have never read about or seen, Val, places you in the action, the Character's are well thought out, and the plot has a flow that leaves you guessing. Good work, Valerie.
  • Romasanta: Father of Werewolves on Feb. 04, 2017

    Romasanta: Father of Werewolves (The Cedric Series Book 2) Val is a tease, she sucks you in deeper but delivers the back story of Romasanta. I found the story, fast paced, and it fills in the void from the first book--Cedric. Adding more details of how he came to be (how the curse was placed on Romasanta) and the chase to find the magical wizard Merlin. All he wanted was the return of a bull and we get this delightful tale. A very interesting read and well worth any one's time to read.