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Steven Samuel Stafford was born May 31, 1976 in Martin, Tennessee. His parents recount the tale of his mother, Brenda, going into labor with him as they watched the film, Arsenic and Old Lace. His earliest exposures to the horror genre were his grandmother’s retelling of the classic folklore ghost story, The Golden Arm (most famously done by Mark Twain), and an elementary school filmstrip based on Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Stafford began the outlines of several of his works in the mid-nineties while still in high school, but began his writing career in earnest after the advent of online digital publishing. He published his first work, Buoyant Mary, in January of 2013, and has published several others since then. He is an avid reader of H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edgar Allan Poe, whom he credits as his greatest inspiration.

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Shadows And Teeth, Volume 2
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 78,690. Language: English. Published: April 30, 2017 by Darkwater Syndicate, Inc.. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Horror, Fiction » Horror » General
Volume of two this award-winning series emerges from the shadows with a fresh crop of extreme horror. Take care as you reach into these dark places, for the things here bite, and you may withdraw a hand short of a few fingers.
And Though the Hour is Late
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,630. Language: English. Published: December 31, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Ghost
Strange is the word of the day, or, the last few months in the Birch home. Julia's decision to quit school has made worse an already tense situation. But is there another reason for just how much things have changed?
The Only Fun I Have
Price: $1.29 USD. Words: 9,330. Language: English. Published: August 13, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
The similarities shared by Beth Evans and Jacob Talley would prove far fewer and much more insignificant than their many grave differences. Distant fathers, families in shambles, and deep desperate secrets bind them, but the final drop of blood spilled is what will ultimately set them apart. A rose's name matters more than some know. A novelette by Steven Samuel Stafford.
Dear Sir
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 5,440. Language: English. Published: April 26, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
Many were the horrors of the Western Front during the first World War. As the world’s nations battled for global dominance; a different sort of horror lurked, hidden in one of many field hospitals in the French countryside, erected at the conflict’s end. It fell on Two English Medics to fulfill an unusual dying wish, made by an injured German soldier like none other.
Somebody Whispering
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,610. Language: English. Published: November 24, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Crime, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller
Life in the Irvine home has proven stressful. The meticulously kept, almost sterile conditions demanded by its owners, a bit more than their recently hired domestic can bare. When a golden opportunity presents itself for a final exit, an unthinkable plot is hatched. If only the plan can be executed without missing a spot.
Grey Matters
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 1,940. Language: English. Published: December 17, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Undead
The world, having gone through a plague of undead ghouls targeting civilization, had then gotten things in hand only to watch them all fall apart once more. With things worse than ever, could an air-born virus be to blame for the newest onslaught of undead? The events originating in The Fresher Dead continue.
At The Edge Of The Woods
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,860. Language: English. Published: April 14, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
Not much stirs in the quiet town of Ainsley. The newest resident, Grace Stillman, believes she has found a nice place to begin her new life. But with one young girl already missing, could there be a malevolent presence in town that no one has anticipated? And could a spooky abandoned home be the source of the threat?
Every Secret Thing
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 5,390. Language: English. Published: February 22, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
The heavens need no lovecraftian monsters in order to terrify...just ask Cyril Dey. The horrors which stare back from each constellation and puffy white cloud are as real to him as the air we breathe. This ironic tale of terror details the tragic path of a man worried about all the wrong things.
No Future In Demons
Price: Free! Words: 2,150. Language: English. Published: December 19, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
There are many nightmares and many legends in this world of ours. When a white-collar working man becomes tangled in the otherworldly nightmares of legend, only bad comes of it, and something much worse is sure to follow. This is the tale of the downward spiral from which there can be no return.
The Fresher Dead
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,270. Language: English. Published: October 31, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Undead
Normalcy has never been quite so upended as this. If all the world's dead were suddenly reanimated, the musty majority would be left to pound on their coffin lids. The fresher dead, however, would be another matter altogether. In a world where the dead devour the living, there is no such thing as "too careful." Watch your backs.
The Horror
Price: Free! Words: 860. Language: English. Published: August 10, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General
Something strange is going on around me. The days and nights seem to have merged into the same agonizing space. Or has it only been minutes? I've never felt so sick. Where is everyone?
The Image In The Pane
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 4,030. Language: English. Published: July 16, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Horror » Undead
It is an indisputable fact that Irving Moore drank too much. But this story related to me by him, I do not believe was imagined. He proved to be a man haunted by his ghoulish memories. Learn what unearthly discovery led to his nightmares coming true.
Buoyant Mary
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,980. Language: English. Published: May 13, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Horror » Weird fiction
James is a man of many troubles, the worst of these worries being products of his own design. However, James now, finds himself confronted with the sort of otherworldly trouble he could never have imagined. Join him on his descent.

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