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My name is Sabina, I'm a mother of two, studying to become a veterinarian. I live in Denmark with my kids and husband.
Loves books and not afraid of trying a new author (or an old loved one).
I try to always tell the truth in my reviews, but I never review a book I don't like (I tell the author why - just because I didn't like it doesn't mean it isn't good) and I never, ever trash a book or an author.

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  • Tunuftol's Fortress of Light (Tunuftol book 1) on Feb. 17, 2013

    Krissa and her brother Mica has been on tour around the foster system for over 6 years, never staying very long anywhere and with each new location a little more mistrust, tiredness, loneliness and heartache have been put inside them, but especially Krissa. But when the kids are replaced (again) and end up at Grandma Athey’s things almost seems too good to be true. Krissa is very wary of what’s happening around them, where Mica (for once) actually drops his shy façade and falls into the new group of friends very quickly, leaving Krissa a little on the outside. But when Krissa starts to hear strange voices in her head and finds an old key on the attic, learning she has a choice to make, a choice that either will save or condemn thousands of people, who can she trust? Soon enough Krissa is thrust into a new world, where old memories slowly resurfaces, old and new friends meets and one mistake can lead to death (or worse) for her, Mica and their new friends. I enjoyed this book immensely. (Thank you Ann!) I loved to see how much Krissa grew in this book, how she stepped up to the challenges and how fiercely protective she was of her baby brother, Mica. On her journey she learns new powers, how to control them and that her choice can affect many, many people. Mica is a real surprise once he shed his shy façade. Ina way he just wants to be a normal kid, but in reality… he’s far from it. Not to forget the rest of the Travelers; Daisy (the tracker), Pinelopin – or Pin (the dream weaver), Philetus (the collector), Khevin (the crown Prince), Lorenzo (the watcher) and Sealey (the champion). Each of them contributes to the journey in their own way and our friends are in deep trouble even before they get to their own world. It took me a little while to get into the book, but once I got into the characters I couldn’t put the book down and I kept turning page after page wanting to know what happened. I found myself digging deeper into the story, loving each second, every twist and turn Ann delivered. I can’t wait to read the next book; Secret of the Shielded, it’s being released on March 9.
  • Elfin, Book 1 The Elfin Series on April 15, 2013

    What can I say about this book? A few words that springs to my mind is; gripping, magnificent love story, gut-wrenching, tear inducing, strength, forgiveness in many ways and the wonders of love. I loved this story, it caught me totally off guard and forced me to keep reading ‘til my eyes were crossing and my head was pounding with lack of sleep. Not to mention how grumpy I was the day after!! Do I regret it? Hell no! Trik is the Dark Elf Kings assassin, you can’t find a Dark Elf with a more selfish and black heart even if you tried. The word “No” is not a part of his vocabulary. Cassie is the very opposite of Trik. Innocent, maybe a little naïve from time to time, but her heart, her soul is as pure as freshly fallen snow. She believes in the good in people, in doing what’s right and for fighting for what you believe in – and she has a backbone like no other. Together they’re a force to be reckoned with, their combined love for each other binding them together and giving strength. There are so many incredible things in this book; Trik is a complicated character, more than meets the eye (if he chooses to), Cassie with her insecureness, her inner strength and wisdom. Elora with her dry sense of humor, being loyal to the end, and her endless depot of snarky remarks. The Light Elf Queen (Syndra) and her husband, the King (Tamsin) is brilliant in their own – and let’s not forget about the Dark Elf King and Queen- what a pair!! I think I told you already, but it deserves a repeat; I loved this book. It took me to a whole other world, showed me how a good writer can transform words into magic and take you away for hours. When I closed in on the ending, my heart tore, I was almost afraid to go on because I was so sure nothing good come out of it. I had to leave my computer and take a short walk, that’s how intense it was for me. And it was a SHORT walk, because I even though I was afraid, I still wanted to know what happened!! Quinn, your book ruined my sleep, made me grumpy the day after, made me smile, cry and several times I wanted to reach into the book and shake (or slap) one (several) of the characters. THANK YOU!! When is the next book coming?! :-)
  • Ill-Conceived Magic: A Monster Haven Short Story on Aug. 26, 2013

    What do you do when a baby is left on your doorstep? Normally, you would call the Police. That’s not an option for Zoey Donovan. Zoey is an Aegis, the protector and caretaker of the Hidden (magical creatures), and the baby sitting on her doorstep is definitely not human. Unless human babies started having sage skin and olive hair, complete with goat legs and two tiny horns . So, what to do? The hunt is on for the little baby girls parents. Only when you’re trying to locate a beautiful little mixed girl parents, when both parties Family hates each other…. You’re into more trouble than planned for. This is a sweet and cute little short story set in the world of the Monster Haven Series, right after Monster in My Closet. We see Zoey and Maurice wander off on their own little adventure, trying to find the parents to the little girl found on Zoey’s doorstep. But it isn’t as easy as one would think. The dryads will not accept her and the Satyrs… well, they’re being Satyrns. I’m still having nightmares about the chase in the woods!! O_O I totally blame you Rachel! I enjoyed Ill-conceived Magic. It’s a beautiful tale about love and what it can overcome… and transmonsterification. :-) It gives us a few surprises, and it fits perfectly into the rest of the series. ENJOY! I know I did.
  • Inner Demons on Oct. 01, 2013

    This book has a bit of a story built in before it was written. Let me share it with you, before I tell you my thoughts of Inner Demons. I stumbled over an author’s series last year. Her second book was about to be published, and the blurb intrigued me, so I wanted to read the first one before diving head first into the second. I’m still happy I did that, will never regret it. We started talking about this and that, and soon became good friends. Earlier this year, Ann (the author, and my friend) was holding a FB party, and I was invited (yay – lucky me!), we had a great deal of fun, right up until I got a different kind of Ping on my computer. It was a private message from Ann, asking me for help. She had forgotten something very, very important, and she had to dash from the computer. If I could be persuaded to finish the rest of the event? My initial thought was: o.O Stunned silence. I was awed, honored and a GREAT deal of scared. Never having worked with blogger before, I had about 30 min before Ann had to run, so I went in, feet first, hoping for the best. You can relax. Everyone survived. Including me, even though I stayed up till 2am, and had worked the entire day at the post office. :-) Not giving it a second thought, I continued on the day after, and when I was closing in on my afternoon, I got a surprise from Ann. She gave me a link (, told me to get my ass over there, fill out the form and leave the rest to her. So I did. Wondering what the hell I got myself into. Then suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, Ann messaged me letting me know she was done. Since life has a way of throwing things in my way, I didn’t get a chance to read it until recently. I have heard about the Short Books before, from Ann, but didn’t really know what to expect. So, let me tell you a little about the book, starting with the blurb: Ani Bass just wants to enjoy a nice vacation on the beach. Her peaceful time away proves to be anything but peaceful when she discovers the house next door is possessed. But will the demons in the abandoned beach house be her biggest concern? Ani is on vacation when she hears screams from the neighbor’s house – and of course she calls the police. When they arrive, the elderly officer, pretty much claims she’s nuts and leaves. The younger officer, however, comes back a little later, claiming the screams Ani can hear is from real, full-blooded Demons. Well, as you can imagine, this doesn’t exactly makes Ani more secure, and she’s not all that sure she should follow Ben (the younger officer), but what choice does she have? If what he says is true, then her live is in danger. But is the fact that demons are real, the only truth that will be revealed that night? Because some things one can not change – demon or not. Inner Demons were made for me (as I mentioned earlier), and to tell you the truth; Ann nailed it perfectly. I loved every page in this book. The story held me captive, and (damn her) ended waaayyy too soon. :-D I loved the twist Ann did with the story. I won’t tell you what it is, since it would ruin the story, but it was VERY well made. Ying and Yang. Opposites really do attract – and that’s ALL I’m saying! The story flows easily, is exciting to read and MOST enjoyable! And though I still wanted it to be longer, at least I know I can get a continuation, since Ann recently launched the option of making your short book into a series. (I hope my friends and husband gets the BIG hint here!!!) Just to tell you a small secret; if you didn’t think had a naughty side to her – think again. This book shows that she can be very naughty indeed!! ;-)
  • His Beloved Infidel on Feb. 02, 2014

    It is closing in on Christmas, and true to tradition, each teacher gives a gift to their colleagues. Farukh really likes Catherine, wanted to talk to her for some time, and finds this to be a wonderful opportunity to show her that he’s interested. Catherine is surprised to find a gift from Farukh, especially since she didn’t get him anything. As a thank you she invites him for coffee, and everything rolls from there. But what happens when two different world collide in love? Can the people they love the most accept it? My Beloved Fidel is a short story, and it touches on a subject that always will occur; what happens when two falls in love with each other, but are from different religions? For some this wouldn’t be a problem, but for others it is. The phrase is; Love can conquer all. Not always, unfortunately. My Beloved Infidel goes into this subject; Farukh and Catherine being from two different religions, two different worlds, and yet has so much in common. The whole build up with their romance was sweet and wonderful to read. Then the dreaded conversation is coming; telling the families. My heart went out to both of them because it is nerve wrecking as it is; telling the parents about someone you love. But when you don’t know how they will respond, due to other differences? Differences, who shouldn’t matter, but in reality they do. *sighs* I have no words for how I felt when I read about Dadash’s reaction to Catherine. Dadash is Farukh’s brother, well one of his brothers. He is also involved with Ayatollah Khomeini,that looks upon the west like it is an evil dragon to be slayed, and their inhabitants as infidels because they believe in something else. Catherine doesn’t have it any easier. Her father’s response is just as bad as Dadash’s. But I have to say, I admire her grandmother and Farukh’s parents. They’re lovely people in heart and soul. Since this is a short story, there is a limit to how deep Sharon could go with the problems, and all the trouble Farukh and Catherine have. I will NOT go so far to say it is shallow, because it isn’t. Sharon manages to captivate most of the trouble, the anguish, the joy and happiness involving Farukh and Catherine. I do wish she had written more of this story, because there are more to this story. Not just about two people who love each other, but about differences between people and how fast we are to judge, only because they’re different than us.