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Smashwords book reviews by Saccade

  • Brother Takes my Cherry on Sep. 19, 2022

    Overall, rather solidly written for a short erotic story, and certainly as entertaining as it might initially seem. I appreciated the sweet note that the story ended with. Unfortunately, my own enjoyment of the experience was tempered by the sudden addition of the Daddy kink right when things started getting steamy between the characters. I’d say this is the only real flaw, and if readers can get over it, then it’s fine and this would be a solid buy. Still, I bought a book about a brother and a sister, y’know? If I wanted to read about a Daddy, I would’ve bought a father-daughter story. The sibling premise felt suddenly undermined, which strikes me as rather counter-intuitive. So… buyer be warned.
  • A Brother Sister Thing #4 on Sep. 21, 2022

    Haha okay, this was all right. The erotic asphyxiation caught me off guard, though. Imagine my surprise when he just starts choking her lmao. Heads up about that if that’s not you’re thing. The smut was engaging and enjoyable. Half of the entire thing is basically just dirty talk (gratuitous amounts of degradation; Erin, the sister, gets called a “slut” every other sentence despite apparently not actually being one), which I can appreciate even if it came across as a little much sometimes. This story is good for what it is. Or, rather, what it’s trying to be. Unfortunately, Josh just comes across as a massive misogynist and hypocrite, shifting blame and responsibility onto his sister for his own desires. The “overprotective, domineering hunk” trope (a fave of mine when written well enough) is definitely applied, but a bit more on the rancid side where a lot of what he did just kept making me roll my eyes. Still, Erin had fun, and I don’t regret this read.
  • Filled by My Brother: Gay Incest Breeding on Feb. 17, 2023

    A bit lacking, honestly. Flimsy “not gay” build up that shatters the instant one of them pulls out their dick, simplistic descriptions. The “breeding” aspect of the story, as mentioned in the title, is completely missing. Just because Jarrod comes inside doesn’t mean you can really call it breeding lol There’s quite a bit of a humiliation kink here and it plays off an obvious size difference kink (involving both their overall physique and dick lengths; Alex is a twink with a micro penis while his beefy jock bro’s got the full 8 inches). This is a “spit as lube” situation too btw, where it burns at first. Little to no prep before just going at it. There’s also a facefucking scene, which I could probably say was the part I liked most, although it was incredibly short. Overall, it was alright, but I wouldn’t be rereading it. Very generic.