Smashwords book reviews by Sairaika

  • Elsker (The Elsker Saga Book 1) on July 05, 2016

    An absolutely brilliant and stunning read! Oh. My. Gods. This book! It left me wanting more and more - I was truly sad it ended and it ended too quickly! I cannot even begin to describe my feelings or how amazing Elsker is! All I can say is this: go read it now! It is free on Amazon, Google Play and Smashwords. Aww - Ull and Kristia. I just love these two and Ull is the perfect gentlemen. This series is packed with Norse Gods/Goddesses, a beautiful romance, visions and Norns. Perfect for readers of Norse mythology.
  • When Magic Sleeps on July 06, 2016

    At first, I was a bit hesitant to finish this book (I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it) but I'm so glad I did finish it! I fell in love with this book and the two main characters! Full of magic, Fae and the romance *swoon*. Truly enjoyable book. Fae book readers, be sure to check this series out! Looking forward to When Magic Dares!
  • Reign of Blood on July 17, 2016

    An highly entertaining and addicting read! This book kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting more and more. I was anxiously waiting for the next page, next chapter and then it ended - leaving me sad and depressed. I cannot wait to read the next book in the Reign of Blood series! Full of feral vampires, hybrids, lonelinesses, romance, hope and uncertainty. Perfect for readers who enjoy post-apocalyptic novels and paranormal romances.
  • ArcKnight (The ArcKnight Wolf Pack Chronicles #1) on July 20, 2016

    A fast read! Once I started reading Ardent I couldn't stop - I was hooked! It was a fast read but an addictive read too. Bonus: It is free on all e-vendors right now! What are you waiting for??? Hurry up and get your next read! Looking forward to reading Mark Tier. Ardent is packed with werewolves, romance, betrayal, banishment and vengeance. Perfect for readers who enjoy paranormal shifter romances.
  • Nights Embrace on Sep. 14, 2016

    An intriguing tale! Whoa! What an absolutely amazing story - of finding your love, your true identity. I found myself grinning like an idiot right from the beginning of the story especially those Trevor and Roxy moments. Packed with doubt, cautious, secrets, magic, mystery, revenge, sexy times and romance. Looking forward to reading the other books in the Others of Seattle series. Perfect for readers of paranormal romance.
  • Pisces on Aug. 30, 2017

    A pleasant read! Pisces's mission: Unite with her twin flame soulmate... Antony is her bodyguard... A man who is supposed to protect her, not make her want to run... Is she ready for her mission? Is she ready for love? I enjoyed and liked this read. I especially liked the romance aspect. However, the writing was a bit flat and naive. I read the excerpt of book 2 provided at the end and my interest was piqued so I'm hoping the writing has evolved and matured. Overall, an enjoyable and fast-paced read. Full of soulmates, Zodiacs, love, Dysfunctionals, missions, adventure and new experiences. Perfect for readers of paranormal romance/Zodiac romance novels.
  • Henrietta The Dragon Slayer on Oct. 23, 2017

    A thrilling read! She's a legend at 17, but only Henrietta knows the price she paid for her fame ... and it was much too high... A young warrior on one final quest ... against an opponent she swore never to face again... And at journey's end, someone must die ... the dragon, or Henrietta... A thrilling adventure that focuses on Henrietta and her new friends involving a quest - to kill the dragon or die trying. I really enjoyed this book. Such a good imaginary world that I was able to place myself in it right from the start - loved reading about Henrietta's quest, her struggles and her fears. Full of dragons, a dragon slayer, quests, magics, friendship, action and adventure. Perfect for readers of fantasy romance.
  • The Pawn on March 22, 2018

    A sinfully dark read! The price of survival... A forbidden auction... After the ending of this book, I was left breathless and anxious to find out what will happen next. This is one of the best contemporary romances I have read in awhile! It will have you heart racing, your pulsing pounding and you out of breath. Such a sensual, dark and wickedly read! So emotional. So dark. So dangerous. So sinful. I know for sure that I will not stop thinking about this wicked book for a long long time. It is engraved into my heart. Full of emotion, angst, drama, intrigue, secrets, betrayal, seduction, manipulation, revenge and a twisted love. Perfect for readers of contemporary romances/dark romances.
  • Runes (A Runes Novel) on Nov. 18, 2018

    A unique, refreshing read! Not only is the heroine and her friends in danger... She must choose a side... But the wrong choice will cost the heroine her life... This novel is a fresh, unique take on Norse mythology brimming with everything I have wanted in a book. I am so eager to read the rest of the books in this series - to find out about the heroine's next journey on her way to her destiny. So interesting and captivating. A hooking opener and a hooking ending. Definitely need to read book two soon. Full of Norse gods and goddesses, mystery, secrets, family, friendship, witches, magic, runes, reapers, death, Valkyries and love. Perfect for readers of paranormal romances/fantasy/Norse mythology.
  • Immortals (A Runes Novel) on Nov. 20, 2018

    A mesmerising read! Nothing can stop the heroine when she wants something… So she comes up with a plan... What a stunning, gorgeous sequel! I devoured this book from start to end. Everything was so spectacularly written and impossible to put down. The author has created such a beautiful world with stunning characters plus add in the amazing storyline and it makes this series eye-catching and impossible to stop reading. Full of Norse gods and goddesses, mystery, secrets, family, friendship, witches, magic, runes, reapers, death, memories, Valkyries and love. Perfect for readers of paranormal romances/fantasy/Norse mythology.