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Sally Ember, Ed.D. has been passionate about writing since she was nine years old. She’s won prizes for her poetry, stories, songs and plays. She began meditation in her teens. Born Jewish on the cusp of Leo and Virgo, Sally's life has been infused with change.

Now, Sally delights fans of paranormal and romance by blurring the lines between fact and fiction in a multiverse of multiple timelines, often including exciting elements of utopian science fiction and Buddhism. Her sci-fi romance/speculative fiction/paranormal/multiverse/utopian ebooks and paperbacks for New Adult/adult/YA audiences, The Spanners Series, are getting great reviews.

Currently, she meditates, writes, swims, reads and blogs/reviews. Watch 50 archived Episodes of her video talk show, *CHANGES*, LIVE conversations between authors, on her Sally Sue Ember youtube channel. In her other professional life, Sally worked as an editor/proofreader, educator or upper-level, nonprofit manager in colleges, universities and private nonprofits for over forty years.

Sally blogs regularly on wide-ranging topics and includes reviews, interviews, guest blog posts, and excerpts from her books. Visit, comment, follow, like, and share!

Vol I, This Changes Everything, ebook is FREE everywhere, $17.99 paperback.
Vol II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, ebook is $3.99, $19.99 paperback.
Vol III, This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change, ebook is $3.99, $19.99 paperback.

Discounts, trailers, reviews and more: Always free ebooks for reviewers! sallyember AT yahoo DOT com Look for Vol IV – X in 2023 or later. Print books also available on Amazon, from Timult Books, $17.99-$19.99.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
I'm not sure exactly what "inspired" me to write this series. One night in February, 2012, I was awakened by a very clear voice that said: WRITE. I went to the computer, hearing sentences and seeing scenes in my mind. Five hours later, most of the first Chapter, all of the summaries for all the Volumes, and the Chapter outline for Volume I were drafted. I kept going from there and finished the first draft of Volume one in 8 weeks.

TCE went through numerous other drafts via my own ideas, consults with friends and family, and letting it "sit," over an 18-month period to reach the final version. During that time I started Volumes II, IV, and V and sketched out parts of the others as well.

I feel very driven. Part of the reason is that I identify a lot with Clara. The line between fiction and nonfiction is very blurred in these Volumes, intentionally, and my life seems that way sometimes as well. I'm curious as to what the readers will decide is "real."
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I like the freedom and independence that self-publishing provides. Smashwords made it so easy and absolutely affordable I jumped at the chance to get my book to readers. I also found the unfruitful rounds of agent-solicitation, publisher-courting and other attempts to go the "traditional" route to be uninteresting and an unnecessary distraction from my writing. I have enjoyed meeting prospective readers, reviewers and fellow authors via many indie networks and social media to be most rewarding and fascinating. I look forward to making many more connections now that my first ebook is available.
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Author "Chat" on Launch Date for TCE
2.5 hours of Author explaining background, overview and details of Volume I, "This Changes Everything," and "The Spanners Series" as well as her ideas about "crowdcreating" Volumes VIII and IX and many other components of her writing.

"This Changes Everything" Volume I, "The Spanners Series"
"This Changes Everything" Book Trailer #1

Romance in "This Changes Everything"s multiverse
Clara Branon and Epifanio Dang are or are not together in the multiverse. timelines of "The Spanners Series"?

Multiverse Book Trailer "This Changes Everything"
Multiverse Focus Book Trailer

Vol II Book Trailer
"The Spanners Series," Volume II, "This Changes My Family and My Life Forever" Book Trailer

Volume III Book Trailer
"This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change," Vol III, "The Spanners Series," continues the story of the first 5 years of The Transition to Earth's membership in the Many Worlds Collective from the perspectives of the middle-aged and older adults involved directly with Dr. Clara Ackerman Branon, Ph.D., Earth's first Chief Communicator.

Author Reading
Author reading from Vol I, "This Changes Everything," "The Spanners Series," Chapter One.

*CHANGES* Episode 38, 8/19/15
Author Reading and Q & A with host, Sally Ember, Ed.D.


This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change
Series: The Spanners, Volume III. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 128,730. Language: English. Published: December 8, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias, Fiction » Romance » Multicultural & Interracial
(4.00 from 1 review)
Clara, Moran, Espe, Epifanio and the alien Band of holos are back in Volume III science-fiction/romance ebooks (soon to be in print) of The Spanners Series. Will the leaders' increasing psi skills, interspecies collaborations and budding alien alliances be enough to make it through The Transition intact? What if there is no clear path for Clara's love? What do YOU do with wanted/unwanted changes?
This Changes My Family and My Life Forever
Series: The Spanners, Volume II. Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 129,530. Language: English. Published: June 9, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias, Fiction » Visionary & metaphysical
(4.50 from 4 reviews)
Earth's first five years of The Transition in the Many Worlds Collective by teen and young/new adult Earthers related to Clara Branon, Chief Communicator/liaison, Clara's early life, and the ongoing love story between her and Epifanio Dang. Sci-fi/romance/paranormal/multiverse/utopian speculative fiction, "This Changes My Family and My Life Forever" is Volume II of "The Spanners Series."
This Changes Everything
Series: The Spanners, , Volume I. Price: Free! Words: 129,990. Language: English. Published: December 19, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias, Fiction » Science fiction » Utopias & dystopias
(2.75 from 4 reviews)
Are YOU ready for the changes? Clara Branon, Ph.D., becomes the Chief Communicator for the Many Worlds Collective when 5 alien holos come to her house, changing Earth forever. The MWC authorizes several Re-sets of the Transition to ensure the fewest deaths for those who resist Earth's membership in the MWC. How do Clara's family and friends and all Earthers respond to these enormous changes?

Smashwords book reviews by Sally Ember, EdD

  • Gina's Dream 1st edition English eBook on Nov. 17, 2013
    (no rating)
    "Gina's Dream" is written is a somewhat dream-like style, which is appropriate for the theme. The premise is intriguing and the dialogue is mostly interesting.That and the story itself compelled this reader to keep turning the pages. Would have liked more character development and it's disappointing that some of the key scenes seem to occur "off stage," but overall, an interesting story. 3.5 stars.
  • The Casebook of Elisha Grey on Sep. 01, 2017

    The background of the author, Isabeau Vollhardt, shines through this series, I'm sure, as it does in this first set of three novelettes as the first of the series, "The Casebook of Elisha Grey." For example, in her author biography, she states that she: has studied the "philosophy of science fiction" and novel writing; is a long-time fan of Arthur Conan Doyle's (creator of Sherlock Holmes); has extensively researched Atlantis; is an acupuncturist and herbalist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Reiki Master (Level IV); and, has also studied/trained in a variety of other Asian medicine, energy work and martial arts as well as in "feng shui, clairvoyancy, Astrology, Native American journeywork, and Iai-Batto-Ho." Both of the main characters in this first in the series, Elisha Grey and Kiara Ptolmai, share many of the same talents, skills, areas of expertise and spiritual/academic involvements as the author. Vollhardt borrows freely from the format, types of cases and reputation Holmes' stories are famous for (both Doyle's and later editions of the characters' exploits), with Grey as Holmes and Ptolmai as Watson (more in the manner of CBS' "Elementary" series than any of the previous or current versions, though, since Kiara is female), making Kiara both a medical expert (a "healer" in these stories) and a law student learning about detective work from Elisha. They are also housemates, as Watson and Holmes often are in many versions of those stories, TV shows and films. However, setting the stories in Atlantis and its concurrent surrounds mixes science-fiction and its many time types of technology with multiple cultures, class/caste systems, economic structures, family/social network and spiritual/religious rituals and beliefs, PLUS aliens (YES!) in ways that don't always interface easily, but Vollhardt manages to juggle them all well. Each novelette has its own case presented early on which Elisha and Kiara solve by its end with some recurring and some new characters in each of the three. We also learn more about the background and family members of both characters in ways that blend well with each story's case. The author's research and imagination are well-used, here. The characters and settings--clothing, architecture, furnishings, food, landscapes/seascapes and transport systems--are drawn well and with excellent details, but not too many; the stories have good pacing and arcs. One problem: Vollhardt needs a new proofreader. I found typos (word or spelling errors) in each of the novelettes that a competent proofreader should have caught. My own background and interests intersect well with Vollhardt's, surprisingly, and i enjoyed these three novelettes enough to finish them all and review them (which I do not do, often). Although some might consider these stories "derivative," I found them to be both original enough and charming, well-written and worth reading, if you like these types of stories. I was given this ebook in exchange for an honest review. I do not know this author, otherwise.
  • Shared Skies on June 05, 2021

    I appreciated the world-building for all 3 worlds, the array of characters and their depth, the physical descriptions of places and characters, and the plot of both books. The violence was mostly "off-stage," and limited, which I was grateful for. I liked the idea that some of the characters "lived" on more than one world and that their appearances, circumstances and characteristics were slightly or greatly varied across these incarnations. Interesting premises, here. Love prevails. Hope wins. YAY! Book Two is a very satisfying sequel to Book One, and I wish there were more in this series! [Unfortunately, I purchased the second book from another site so have to leave its review here this way.]