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Salman Aziz was born on December 19, 1993, in Pabna, Bangladesh. He mostly grew up in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. He is also known by his nickname Akash/AKA$H. From his childhood, he was a very meritorious student. He studied Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. In 2008, he worked as a model in a well-known fashion house named R.M. fashion house in Dhaka. There he was the brand ambassador for 2 years. From an early age, he wrote many short stories and poems on local newspapers and magazines. His first book “6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story”, was published in 2017. He is also an indie artist and filmmaker. His first short film was “Bloody Dark Dream (2014)”. His second short film “Lost in the Black Hole (2019)” is the first symbolic cult horror short film in Bangladesh. And this film has entitled him as the first-ever symbolic cult horror short filmmaker in Bangladesh. He debuted as an actor in his short film “Lost in the Black Hole” where he played five different roles. The film also got officially selected by international film festivals. He always tries to do good works and helps people. He gets the inspiration from Mother Teresa and Bayazid Bastami who had dedicated their whole life for the people. He always tries to motivate the people through his words.

Smashwords Interview

Hello, Salman! How are you doing these days? Would you tell me where did you grow up and when you have begun to write?
Hello! First of all I love to thank you for setting an interview for me! It is really meant to me a lot! And yeah, I am doing well! Thank you once again for asking. How are you? Actually I grew up in different city in Bangladesh. My birth place was Pabna, I went there very few times. And I mostly grew up in Kushtia and Dhaka city both. I’ve begun to write on my early age. When I was in class 4 I started to write small rhymes and stories on my local newspaper and also to my school magazine. In that time I used to write in Bengali. Cause Bengali is my native language. When I was in class 8, I begun to write in English. My home tutor helped me a lot to develop myself and that was the beginning of all. Then in 2014 I officially created my own blog site on google blog spot. There I got huge response around the world. And now in this year I debut as indie author.
You're welcome Salman! I am well. Thank you! Salman, from your biography and some internet sources we got to know that you have another name “AKA$H”. Please tell me the reason behind of it? And why you didn’t use this name as author?
Yeah! Actually that is nick name which has been stylized by my fan in 2014. My nick name is Akash and in 2014 I made a symbolic short film named “Bloody Dark Dream” and unfortunately some people liked it and become my fan. You might be thinking that why I didn’t become a video maker. Right? I always wanted to be something different that people don’t think! That’s why I try to do everything when my mind wants. And yes, I didn’t want to use my nick name. Because I wanted to introduce my full name to the people along side of my nick name and it’s stylize version. So I use both name to introduce myself.
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6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious Story
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 9,760. Language: English. Published: July 20, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Coming of age, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Social Issues
The story is based on a Bangladeshi teenager boy named Aabrar who killed himself by taking sleeping pills. But the reason of his suicide remained unknown because his diary goes missing by an irresponsible police. The story reflected how Aabrar killed himself and how the things went so wrong when his parent knew it. And some people took the advantage of his death and so many interesting things.

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