Salya Darken

Smashwords Interview

What are your five favorite books, and why?
I have only a few favorites and they change as much as my favorite shows and such. lol So anyways, here's go.

1. House of Night. Why, because I love how the writer made her vampires/vampyres. lol I really love the markings that appear and the red vamps. Really neat.
2. Night World. Why, I'm not sure but I LOVE her/his stories. And god, the vampire Ash. I'm so his fangirl. lol
3. Harry Potter. I don't have a pure reason why. I just love the magic and how the story is written.
4.Little Sister. This was my first true favorite book. Sure, it's short and cute but the idea behind it is really interesting.
5. Dragon Rider. Why, because it's really cute and more fun to read then Eragon. (sorry but true) Plus, the dragons are really neat to read about.
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