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  • Place of Peace on Nov. 15, 2010

    Many people have forgotten or overlooked the unseen enemy that came after the advent of the Civil War because "it" wasn't a nationwide crisis. Although I enjoyed the chapters leading up to the main action, I was riveted by the ungodly sights, sounds and smells that came from your telling of this horrific period in the history of Memphis, Tennessee. Having verified for myself some of the factual information included in your novel, I really appreciate the way you wove the historical facts around your characters. It made me want to read more about this event/time period, which I have begun doing through links on your website. Good luck with your writing!
  • Child of the King on Sep. 08, 2012

    I've been wondering since reading "Man of God" and seeing the blurb on Ms. Diaz website, about this third installment, what direction the story could go that would be as interesting and exciting as the first two novels. Now this one is my favorite! If you enjoy a good story with interesting characters, set against an historically accurate backdrop, you will once again love this latest chapter in the "Woman of Sin' trilogy. This novel occurs about 8 years after "Man of God". Christianity is in its infancy. The daughter of Paulus and Alysia is summoned to receive a mysterious letter. The journey to that letter will take her places, both physically and spirtually, that she never imagined. Historically accurate and spiritually compelling, this last chapter in the life of a biblical character, about whom little is known, is an exciting (and at times deeply emotional) adventure. Loved it!