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Sandee Lester writes When Superheroes Fall from her personal experience of a marriage headed for divorce. The book began as a therapeutic exercise, but quickly turned into a desire to help others who struggle in their marriages. From that grew a ministry that she and her husband, Rick, have shared since 1994.

In their ministry, called Resurrection Power Marriage Ministry, Sandee and her husband hold marriage seminars at various churches, teach marriage classes, counsel couples and implement divorce intervention. They plan to open a marriage retreat someday where couples can attend to refresh their marriages and remind themselves why they first became a couple. Sandee writes a weekly article about marriage on her blog,

Sandee grew up in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. She met her husband in Korea while he flew F-4s with the Air Force, and she toured with a USO group. After they married, they spent twenty-five years traveling around the world for the Air Force with their two children.

Sandee worked as a musician all her life, performing since the age of six. She plays the piano, organ, guitar, violin, and sings. She has acted as the musical director/worship leader in numerous churches throughout Rick's Air Force career. She has also kept up her love of theatre by performing with professional companies. She teaches piano and violin in her home.

Sandee and Rick live in Central Florida where Rick has retired from the Air Force and now teaches high school. Sandee oversees their marriage ministry. The Lester's celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary May 30, 2011.
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