Sandra Banducci


Sandra has lived a vibrant, varied life - from early childhood growing up in Hawaii surrounded by volcanic energy, gorgeous beaches, and lush foliage, to joining the San Francisco Ballet as an apprentice right out of high school, to travels in Europe and England that took her from the dolmans of Carnac, France, to England's Stonehenge. Her studies in sociology, anthropology, and paleontology have led her onto many paths that she continues to explore.
She is the grand-niece of acclaimed anthropologist and humanist, Dr. Loren Eiseley, author of The Immense Journey, The Star Thrower (introduction by W. H. Auden), and many other books.
Sandra began channeling the entity known to her as Raine through automatic writing in 2001, and has continued to this day. Her first book, Conversations with Raine, has been distilled from her many journals documenting those sessions.

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