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Smashwords book reviews by SaoirseHeart

  • Afk on Dec. 10, 2016

    This had everything I could ask for in a story; great plot with surprising twists; good setting; good characters. It is compelling and you will not want to put it down. A must for anyone in SL or other metaverses as it pulls all of these items into a metaverse setting. I plan to read the entire series.
  • AFK, Indefinitely on Dec. 10, 2016

    Picks up from AFK but also is a great stand alone read. After AFK, I was hungry for more and this novel did not disappoint. Moving from metaverse into the necessary rl interactions and back again is well done in this novel. Situations are believable and just the right twists and turns in the plot. Sex scenes sizzle. Watching Thursday try to stay ahead of the long arm of the law is spellbinding.