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I'm an Italian girl who loves to read books, especially in English. I have a passion for blogging, and I currently run a book blog where you can find a lot of reviews, giveaway and interviews with authors. If you would like to be featured you can find my review policy on

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  • Cape IngĂ©nue on April 29, 2012
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    Cape Ingenue was a really interesting, original and intriguing book. It is set in Schill Harbour, Nova Scotia, a small town where Sandrin lives with her friends. She has a really normal live: she goes out with her friends, she works in a pizzeria to pay school fees and other stuff, and she loves to write novels. Until, all of a sudden, her life takes a turn with the discovery of the death of the guy she liked. From that moment, she is dragged into a new adventure with Colt, a mysterious boy, from which it is better to stay away:around him and his family, Sandrin will find out a long history full of legends and treasures, that will involve her directly! I really liked the book and the way the author described the characters and their behaviour. What I've found really amazing was how E.Bard had been able to relate an ancient legend to the everyday life of a young boy. I really appreciated the originality of the plot and the fullness of action and tension during the story. Chapter by chapter you really can't put the book down because the story is so intriguing and particular, in a positive meaning, that you need to follow the course of the events. Speaking of the characters, I loved the simplicity of Sandrin, who was not the common heroic protagonist. I also liked Colt, a lot! He was really charming, in an unconscious way, and at the end, when you fully know about his life and his past, you can't do anything but appreciate him even more. The only thing that disappointed me a little, but it was just a little detail, is how easily Sandrin's friends faced Kevin's death, except for Emory, who was one of his best friends. Anyway, Cape Ingenue is a really must read if you like mysterious books with a touch of originality and a great legend that will leave you amazed. Thank you for the author for offering me a copy of the novel.
  • Whisper Privileges on Sep. 11, 2012
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    Whisper Privileges is a contemporary-romantic novel written by author Dianne Venetta. It tells the story of Sydney, an indipendent, ambitious woman, who works as an event planner. However, after having had a relationship with her boss, Javier, her working life has become considerably harder; infact, all the events she would like to be part of, have been assigned to Morgan, the boss's new lover and so Sydney is practically forced to work for the Special Olympics, certainly not the event she had hoped to work for. But who would have known that working for that undesirable event would have led her to the love of her life?Clay. A sexy, good-looking, fantastic father, who came to Miami to assist his special needs child, Q, during his swimming competitions. But being with Clay is not that easy as it seems, he needs someone who is ready to commit, someone who has a personality and ambitions apart from a beautiful face.. But will Sydney be ready to commit herself? When I've first heard about this book I was a bit dubious about whether I should read it or not. Not more than month ago I've read a romantic-contemporary novel and, being honest, it was an effort for me to get to the end of the book. In memory of this, I am really surpised by how much I enjoyed this novel! I think the author has the great ability of create romantic situations and contexts, without being exagerated or too sickly sweet. I really liked how the whole situation had been developed by Dianne; thanks to the strong personality of her protagonist, Sydney, she succeeded in creating a pleasant sense of suspense, that kept me literally with straight hair for the whole book. Infact, the love between the two protagonists is always hampered by injuries of the past and Sydney and Clay will not taste the simplicity of being together until the very end. As I said I appreciated that there was not only the romantic factor, but I REALLY liked the context in which the story set place. The Special Olympics and the athletes who partecipated have really touched my heart; I will be completely sincere and I admit that I had not idea such events exist, maybe because in Italy I've never heard of something like this, but I think it's great to give to special needs children, the possibility to be the stars for just one day,to be part of something, of a team. Q, Clay's son, was a child suffering from autism and his character was really amazing. The sport gave him a reason to continue to believe in something, the swimming, the sport who helped him so much in making progress with his disease. Speaking of characters I will talk a little about the ones who impressed me more. I really liked Sydney from the beginning; I thought she was similar to me in so many ways! She want to become indipendent, rich, a business woman who would love to travel around the world. She's quietly a strong woman but, reading the book, I realised that maybe the wounds of the past have touched her excessively. Sometimes this particular was a bit annoying, her continuos indecision, her perpetual oscillation between a decision and the other, made her character sometimes boring, ripetitive. The other character who really caught my attention is Sam, instead. She is so brilliant! She' s a beautiful woman, intelligent, ambitious, always perfect in every aspect; she runs an association about kids and she's engaged to the man of her dreams.. even if, despite this, she doesn't give up flirting with handsome men! I love her way of thinking and how she manages to always have to right advices for her friend, Sydney.