Sarah Corbett

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  • On The Gathering Storm on June 15, 2010

    Although I don't usually find suspense stories to my liking, this one is different as it relied on me truly caring for Hannah, the main character. I found myself feeling sorry for her at different times and then feeling proud of her at different times, but then there'd be another unexpected bit of info about her background juxtaposed against the current twists to the story and my sympathy would switch back again. This is a book that I wished was longer. I wasn't done with Hannah's story even though the pages ran out. While frightening in parts, this is a serious character book that shows us people can be challenged and make changes in their lives without it being sugary sweet. This is about real life, even if there are some unbelievable things that happen. I'm sure I'll give it some time and then read this book again. Thank you, Jason, well done!