Sarah DuVal


"Are you a writer? We all are writers and we started to write at about the age of six years. Somewhere along the line most of us lost faith in our writing and storytelling ability. And that, my friends, is sad." I heard that once at a writers' conference. Being given this tacit permission to call myself a writer ... I was hooked.

In the intervening years I have written two monthly columns, one a whimsy column on life living aboard a sailboat and the other a parenting advice column. I have written, and had published (!) slice of boating life articles for boating magazines and two scholarly articles in nursing journals. I still say published (!) because it still thrills me.

The encyclopedic amount of technical writing that I have done in the form of chart notes for my patient's charts (I am a psychiatric nurse practioner in private practice) are not counted by me toward my writing experience, though many would count their technical writing as their main mode of writing. For me, I only count the writing that I do for fun. I hope you find my writing to your liking as well.


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