Sarah Ellis

Smashwords book reviews by Sarah Ellis

  • Sexual Awakening: A Sarah Connelly Story on March 05, 2017

    I love this book! With descriptive sex scenes and the emotional ride of the protagonist, what's not to love? A great (later-in-life) coming of age tale of lonely housewife discovering her hidden sexuality.
  • Sexual Exploration: A Sarah Connelly Story on March 08, 2017

    All I'm going to say is the bathroom scene was so hot! For a sequel, this book out did itself. The protagonist had so much more to deal with than in the first book, and the way the story line was interwoven, a sex scene at every connecting point, was simply brilliant.
  • Dr. Bestiality (Bestiality) on March 08, 2017

    This is a great story, quick and to the point, yet seductive and explosive. The only issue I had was the lack of description in regards to the main character, physical attributes and name. But I would definitely read a sequel, as I am curious about the daughter.
  • Knocking Up My Drunk Daughter: An Incest Sleep Sex Story on March 13, 2017

    This was an easy, fast-pace read with two seperate, eaqually arousing sex scenes. I would have liked to see a more indepth internal struggle on the father's part; but otherwise, a great story.