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I am a student of Political Science and French, an avid reader and book blogger who is still trying to figure the world out. :)

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  • Transfer Student, Book 1 the Starjump Series on May 23, 2012

    If I were to describe Transfer Student using only three adjectives, I'd say that it was- captivating, interesting and impressive. From the moment the author,Laura A.H. Elliott wrote about the book on Twitter (@Laurawriting) or in her blog newsletters (Laurasmagicday- - a great blog with great stuff ), I was already in. The Blog Tour was fun! I wanted to read this one and was lucky enough to have won a giveaway hosted by the author herself for which I would like to thank Laura Elliot once again. The Blog Tour was also a lot of fun and the best part was that it was all over the net, making it easier for readers all over the world to participate, join, see and be a part of. I must also add that spreading the word about the book online also made me feel like a part of the Transfer Student Team, which is such an honour for me, as a reader. Transfer Student is the story of two teenagers- one living on Planet Earth (Ashley) and the other from Planet Retha (Rhoe). A task as simple as star- gazing through a telescope makes these two switch planets and even their bodies. So we have Rhoe as and in Ashley on Earth and Ashely as and in Rhoe on Retha. Without getting much into the plot, I would just like to say that, from there on, the book is a complete page- turner. The experience of reading the book was a journey in itself. In the initial chapters, Ashley's life on Earth seemed liked that of any 'perfect' American blond girl. However, after the Transfer, reading about Earth from Rhoe's point of view was absolutely hilarious and giving a broader sense of awareness at the same time. Reading about Planet Retha from both, Ashley's and Rhoe's POV was an intelligential experience. Live on Retha, it's people, how things work there, even simple things like how they use wheatgrass in place of water was all put down very meticulously. Other characters like Ashley's and Rhoe's best friends, Tiffany (who is actually Ashley's frenemy) and Yuke and even Xanny respectively, were also great characters. They each fall for their best friends after the Transfer. It was so funny to read about a girl in a guy's body falling for his best friend or a guy in a girl's body falling for her best friend! But as Ashley says, all over the galaxy, boys are falling for girls and girls are falling for boys. Rhoe's brother Ziggy seemed nice and it would be really cool to see more of him in the series as also Ashley's boyfriend on Earth, Sean. The mothers of both the protagonists made the reading experience a bit more interesting. No need to say that, since the book was already interesting in the first place. Two other characters who caught my eyes were Rhoe's professor, Mr. Z and Ashley's drama class teacher. They seemed really helpful and entertaining. I am looking forward to reading the Starjump Series. I'm sure all the books in the series will be as super cool as this one. Personally, I really loved Transfer Student as it was completely different read and at the same time, being a Sci- Fi book, it appeared contemporary and extremely un-put-downable! A nice, funny and different read when it comes to Science- Fiction, Laura Elliot has done a magnificent job with this one and I would definitely recommend Transfer Student. So put in on your to- be- read shelf ASAP and follow the link for your Kindle copy-