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Every person has a story and every story holds moments that are defining in which we learn things about the world, the people in our lives, and about ourselves. Those defining moments come from the events in our lives that mold our story and have an impact on our thoughts and behaviors as was the case for me.

I first began studying psychology looking for answers to my own childhood and dedicated my life toward understanding what it all meant. What I found would change the course of my life and inspire me to help others do the same.

I acquired a Masters in marriage and family therapy then a Doctorate in psychology. I engulfed myself in research on human behavior while treating anxiety and depression. I studied emotion and all it’s properties. I became an expert on relationships. As my clientele grew in private practice I continued to work with inpatient eating disorders, drug and alcohol and addictions for several years in many high ranking treatment facilities finally treating abuse, abandonment and neglect which led me to specialize in trauma.

I was well seasoned to put it mildly by the time I completed my education and it didn’t take me long to identify the component most consistent among each of these persons. Each responded to their pasts differently most with addictive behaviors but the commonality was the underlying trauma. As I dug deeper I could see that people were stuck in this place and conventional therapy wasn’t a permanent solution.

I researched cutting edge treatments that addressed trauma and addictive behaviors and came across E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Once trained then certified in E.M.D.R. I began using it with each of my clients. E.M.D.R. was created by Francine Shapiro as a therapeutic intervention that focuses on negative core beliefs that keep people stuck in repetitive bahavior. With a combination of E.M.D.R. and my own personalized techniques my clients began to change dramatically. I began to see a shift in each of them as they became less inhibited by fear and anxiety and more empowered to do things they never thought they could and those addictive behaviors that many of them used to cope were no longer necessary for them to hold on to. My most traumatized clients were changing! So I began scheduling E.M.D.R. sessions closer together in an effort to keep clients engaged and the results were outstanding. This prompted my “5 Day Intensive E.M.D.R. Thought Training Program.”
My 5 day Intensive grew and became an amazing opportunity for many to dedicate a week to their process of changing behaviors and addressing issues. Following the 5 day Intensive I moved to consult on a program that would address emotional eating behavior and provide a forum that would allow individuals to link healthy eating and exercise while addressing the emotional eating most often a result of a trauma. I created the therapeutic portion of Inspire Fit Resorts, Inspirefitresorts.com, which is an adult weight loss retreat program in posh Park City, Utah fully staffed by EMDR therapists.

Today, I maintain a busy private practice in Laguna Hills, Ca. treating all types and specializing in EMDR therapy. I consult and oversee with Inspire Fit Resort and the EMDR therapists to continue to enrich the Inspire program, and continuing writing which is a passion that I intend to grow with. I provide workshops, speaking, and education on trauma and EMDR and spend the remainder of my time with my wonderful husband Christian, daughter Olivia, and son Dash.

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How To Beat Binge Eating
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 3,440. Language: English. Published: August 24, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Education and Study Guides » Behavioral management
This book describes the fundamentals of binge eating and how to beat binge eating by understanding what drives the behavior. Our emotional eating feeds our negative beliefs about ourselves. In understanding what these negative beliefs are, where they came from and how to change them we take power over the emotional eating behavior.

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